AUBURN, Alabama — It’s a summer of change at Auburn.

Fresh off the firing of six athletics administrators Monday, athletics director Allen Greene says more changes are coming within the department.

"I really wanted to take my time these first few months to really evaluate where I thought our strengths were and where I thought we needed to be going," Greene told on Friday. "It was determined that we needed to streamline our operation. So, consolidating responsibilities - we're seeing that at Texas, we're seeing that at other places - making sure that we're being prudent with our resources and being effective with serving our student-athletes."

Greene expects to make organizational changes, whether it be responsibilities or more firings, but he would not go into specifics.

Auburn had at least 13 senior administrators on staff, at least five more than rival Alabama and four more than Georgia, according to a survey of staffs performed by Auburn Undercover. The cutting of six staffers places Auburn back in the realm of other programs in the SEC.

"We want to win national championships; I think we can do it in almost every sport that we have," Greene said. "But we have to make sure from an organizational perspective that we're structured in a way to support that endeavor."

Auburn was paying an estimated $3.35 million to 12 senior staff members per year, according to records. Alabama and Georgia had eight and nine senior staff members, respectively, in their departments as of November. Auburn was paying nearly $1 million more than Alabama on its senior staff, and that was before the salary of newly-hired chief revenue officer Mike McBride was revealed. He was paid $231,000 per year by Auburn.

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It's believed a member of the athletics department not part of the senior staff was also fired Monday, making the total of employees relieved of duties at Auburn at seven, a source tells Auburn Undercover.

Greene added that he wants “there to be turnover in our department. "I think that it's healthy to have natural turnover. We want to have people who are ambitious, who want to come into Auburn, give us all they've got a for whatever number of years and then be ready to go to take a job someplace else that is in their best professional interest."

Up to two more rounds of potential staff changes and restructuring are expected, sources tell Auburn Undercover.

Greene was hired in January to replace outgoing athletics director Jay Jacobs, who was the Tigers' leader in the department for 13 years. Greene officially replaced Jacobs on staff Feb. 1.

Auburn has not fulfilled a March 12 interview request filed by Auburn Undercover to speak to Greene.