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  • In-State Recruiting Areas

    In-State Recruiting Areas

    In this edition of The Daily 5 I'll give you the top five areas inside the state of Texas where the Texas Longhorns have acquired their talent for the 2014 roster. More

  •  25 Players in 25 Days: No. 15

    25 Players in 25 Days: No. 15

    In today's '25 Players in 25 Days', Horns247 takes a look at the candidates who are most likely to start at the two guard positions for Texas this upcoming season. More

  • Signee Spotlight: Alex Anderson

    Signee Spotlight: Alex Anderson

    Horns247 is looking at the Longhorns' 23 signees in the class of 2014 and where they’ll fit in with the 2014 team. Next up, alphabetically, is offensive lineman Alex Anderson. More

  • Inside The Team: Summer Notes

    Inside The Team: Summer Notes

    Horns247 has a 4th of July look at a few things going on with the Longhorns this summer. We've got quarterback talk, notes on the strength program and more. More

  • Horns need answers on the depth chart

    Horns need answers on the depth chart

    It's going to be a while until we see the Texas Longhorns again, so there's a lot to talk about between now and August. We look at a few of the questions about this 2014 team. More

  • Some Strong Words

    Some Strong Words

    Charlie Strong has said a lot during his barnstorming tour across the state. We look at some of his comments during his most recent stop. More

  • Spring Game Grades: Offense

    Spring Game Grades: Offense

    AUSTIN, Texas – Between the erratic play, the key players missing and the big plays strung together, the spring game grades for the Texas reflect an inconsistent day. More

  • Postgame Takeaways: Spring Game

    Postgame Takeaways: Spring Game

    AUSTIN, Texas – What percentage of the roster does Charlie Strong feel believes in the new regime? All of that and more came up in the postgame press conference. More

  • Things to look for in the spring game

    Things to look for in the spring game

    AUSTIN, Texas – We're less than 24 hours away from the spring game kicking off. We've got a few things we're going to be watching when the action gets started at DKR. More

  • Offense a Work in Progress

    Offense a Work in Progress

    AUSTIN, Texas – The tip of the spear for the Texas offense is the quarterback. According to Shawn Watson, the tip needs to be sharp before the Longhorns are ready for battle. More

  • No Wasted Practices

    No Wasted Practices

    AUSTIN, Texas – Charlie Strong started practice over on Tuesday. The message sent was that the Longhorns won't just go through the motions when it's time to work. More

  • Offense Bests Defense

    Offense Bests Defense

    The Longhorns scrimmaged Saturday and Horns247 checked in with various sources to get news and notes on what went down earlier today. More

  • Early Spring Returns

    Early Spring Returns

    AUSTIN, Texas – Horns247 takes a position-by-position look at where the Texas Longhorns through four spring practices under Charlie Strong. More

  • Wickline's Wish List

    Wickline's Wish List

    AUSTIN, Texas – Joe Wickline is off to a great start building the 2015 offensive line class at Texas. But what qualities are the ones he's looking for in his recruits? More

  • Spring Position Battles

    Spring Position Battles

    AUSTIN, Texas – From guys who slug it out in the trenches to those who are counted on to only kick a football, there are some key position battles this spring at Texas. More

  • Helping in the Trenches

    Helping in the Trenches

    Between Donald Hawkins, Mason Walters and Trey Hopkins the Longhorns are losing a lot experience up front. That means several players will have to step up this spring. More

  • JD2 Prospects to Watch

    JD2 Prospects to Watch

    JD2 will feature some valued recruits making their way to the 40 Acres. There are a few in particular who are especially key for this coaching staff. More

  • The Wickline Factor

    The Wickline Factor

    Alex Anderson and Elijah Rodriguez are prospects who need to develop into productive players for Texas. Thankfully the Longhorns have Joe Wickline on the job. More

  • The 2-4-7

    The 2-4-7

    Charlie Strong has a no bull, straight forward approach when dealing with the media. if he's like that as a coach the Texas Longhorns might just be alright under his watch. More

  • Horns Add OL Coach

    Horns Add OL Coach

    It's been speculated as to who will be the next Texas offensive line coach. Horns247 has received confirmation as to who will get the job. More

  • Close to the Summit?

    Close to the Summit?

    SAN ANTONIO, Texas – How close the Texas Longhorns are to being a top program was one of the things discussed on Friday during the team's offensive press conference. More

  • A Case for Staying

    A Case for Staying

    Looking solely at recruiting and stockpiling talent at their respective positions, Stacy Searles and Darrell Wyatt have been much better than the two coaches before them. More

  • A Cloudy Future

    A Cloudy Future

    Among the things to consider with the recent announcement of suspensions for the bowl game is that Daje Johnson might have taken his last snap as a Texas Longhorn. More

  • Future of the Program

    Future of the Program

    There were several members of the 2013 recruiting class who didn't play much this season. After checking with sources, we've got an update on the future of the program. More

  • Looking Inside the Cupboard

    Looking Inside the Cupboard

    The Texas job has its advantages. When it comes to the advantages on the field, the new staff will have quite a bit working in their favor to build a championship team. More

  • The 2-4-7

    The 2-4-7

    AUSTIN, Texas – We take a look back at the win over Texas Tech and look ahead to the Baylor game in this edition of The 2-4-7. More

  • Offensive Report Card: Texas Tech

    Offensive Report Card: Texas Tech

    The Texas Longhorns got back to what worked. Against Texas Tech it was the same offensive formula the Longhorns used to dismantle Oklahoma and glide past TCU in October. More

  • From The Press Box: Texas Tech

    From The Press Box: Texas Tech

    AUSTIN, Texas – Texas will head to Waco with a shot to play for a share of the Big 12 title. They get that shot as a reward for a 41-16 Thanksgiving smackdown of Texas Tech. More

  • Snap Judgments: Sack Night

    Snap Judgments: Sack Night

    Folks will hear how the Texas D recorded nine sacks. But what coaching move did the Horns make that made it all a possibility? That and more in this week's Snap Judgments. More

  • The Future Up Front

    The Future Up Front

    The Longhorns signed perhaps the nation's best offensive line class in 2013. How are those five players progressing this fall? Mack Brown shed some light on that question. More

  • Five Questions Revisited: Kansas

    Five Questions Revisited: Kansas

    AUSTIN, Texas – I had five questions for the Texas Longhorns heading into Saturday's tilt with Kansas. Texas won, 35-13, but did it answer the questions that were asked? More

  • Five Questions: Texas-Kansas

    Five Questions: Texas-Kansas

    AUSTIN, Texas – What questions do the Texas Longhorns need to answer today at home against the Kansas Jayhawks. Will give you five of them right here. More

  • Waking Thoughts

    Waking Thoughts

    Texas is 4-0 in conference play. How is that even possible based on the performances against BYU and Ole Miss early in the season? More

  • Tracking The Freshmen

    Tracking The Freshmen

    How are the freshmen in the 2013 recruiting class doing in their first semester on campus? Horns247 has the latest on their progress this season. More

  • The Need for Momentum

    The Need for Momentum

    AUSTIN, Texas – Recruiting hasn't gone south for the Texas Longhorns. Still, Texas' efforts on the trail could use a shot in the arm to prevent it from sliding drastically. More

  • 247Composite five-star impact

    247Composite five-star impact

    A large group of true freshmen around the country have had an immediate impact on their teams, and many were five-star prospects in the 2013 247Composite. We break them down. More

  • Waking Thoughts

    Waking Thoughts

    What was I thinking about when I woke up this morning? The root problems of Texas' woes last night and potential solutions, at least on one side of the ball. More

  • What I Learned: New Mexico State

    What I Learned: New Mexico State

    We put a cap on our coverage of the Texas Longhorns' 56-7 win over New Mexico State on Saturday by looking at what can be learned from the victory in the season opener. More

  • What I Saw

    What I Saw

    What were some of the nuances I noticed about last night's game? And is Texas ready to compete for the Big 12 crown? More

  • From the Press Box

    From the Press Box

    AUSTIN, Texas – Here's a look, with plenty of notes, quotes and highlights from the Texas Longhorns' 56-7 win over the New Mexico State Aggies. More

  • Snap Judgments: Offense explodes

    Snap Judgments: Offense explodes

    At first, it looked like David Ash may have been preparing to implode right before our very eyes. But it all changed in the blink of an eye. More

  • Texas 56, New Mexico State 7

    Texas 56, New Mexico State 7

    AUSTIN, Texas – It didn't start pretty, but the Texas Longhorns scored 56 unanswered points en route to a 56-7 win over the New Mexico State Aggies to open the 2013 season. More

  • Ready to Take Flight

    Ready to Take Flight

    The Texas Longhorns offensive players who met with beat reporters on Monday had one thing in common. Excitement about cranking up the offensive tempo. More

  • What We're Hearing

    What We're Hearing

    Here's what we're hearing about the strengths of the team heading into 2013. The answer on defense may surprise you. More

  • Now the Fun Begins

    Now the Fun Begins

    Desmond Harrison is eligible. Now the Texas coaching staff can work on figuring out how to get the talented JUCO transfer in the mix up front. More

  • Inside the Team

    Inside the Team

    Horns247 has plenty of news and notes as the Texas Longhorns suited up for a pair of practices on Tuesday. Head inside to see who is rising, get number changes and more. More

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