Video: Chizik addresses allegations

AUBURN -- Former Auburn coach Gene Chizik spoke with reports for more than 30 minutes Monday evening addressing a wide range of topics include recent allegations of academic fraud and spice use along with the NCAA investigation into Cam Newton.

Gene Chizik interview 4-22-13

Some highlights include...

***Chizik said the notion that they would pay a player to come to Auburn or stay at Auburn as "absurd."

***Chizik called Auburn's football program "the most scrutinized, and sometimes villainized, program in the country."

***Chizik said that most of the allegations were during a 13-month NCAA investigation of Cam Newton and Auburn in which the NCAA found no violations.

"They're very thorough in their investigations," Chizik said. "So how could they come into Auburn and leave and find nothing, and that becomes a one-sentence statement after getting drug through the mud for 13 months? How is that right? It's not right.

"So my point is that, that was a magical season for the Auburn people, for us as coaches, and all of our players, and it should be remembered as just that and nothing more."

***Chizik scoffed at the allegations of an epidemic of spice use on the team during the 2010 season.

"It's a performance-debilitating drug," he said. "So if half of our football team is on it during our 2010 national championship run, how were we performing at a level that was the best football team in the country?"


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