#PMARSHONAU: Unspeakable evil

It's hard today to care a lot about who will be on Auburn's coaching staff, about the basketball game coming Saturday or recruits coming to town this weekend.

Sports are for fun, and somehow fun just doesn't seem appropriate.

I keep looking at the television beside my desk. I can't bring myself to turn it off or to turn away from the images of the unspeakable evil that struck Newtown, Conn., Friday morning.

It is almost too much to imagine.

On thousands of mornings, I sent my three children off to school. I worried about whether they would do well, whether they were behaving like I wanted them to behave, whether they were learning the things they needed to learn. I never worried about whether they would come home.

The very thought would have been the nightmare of nightmares. And all those families in Connecticut are living that nightmare today.

We've seen too many school shootings in recent years, but this one is by so far the worst that it defies acceptance that it is reality. Twenty children 10 years and under were shot down by a gunman who turned his evil on his mother's kindergarten class.

Little children, so innocent, excited about the coming of Christmas, had their lives taken away. And now their parents and families are left to deal with pain so awful that it can't even be imagined.

So pardon me please if I'm not real concerned today about why Dameyune Craig stayed at Florida State, who else Gus Malzahn might hire, whether Auburn's basketball has turned the corner, what recruits might say or do. We'll continue to report those things, of course, but my heart is heavy.

I pray the families of those innocent and sweet children will somehow, someway one day be able to find some peace.

God be with them

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