#PMARSHONAU: Forget about him

I returned from vacation to learn that Harvey Updyke, the convicted poisoner of the hallowed Toomer’s Corner oaks, is out of jail. My reaction?

Who cares?

It’s OK with me for my tax dollars to not be spent supporting a loser who is the worst example ever of a man who lives his life through 20-year-old football players. He hasn’t shown himself to be ashamed of what he did or to even realize how much shame and disgrace he has brought on himself and how much embarrassment he has caused his family.

Of course, how would a guy who would, under cover of darkness, poison the iconic oaks and then call a radio show to brag about it be expected to be aware enough to know much of anything.

Though old Harvey is out of jail, he’s hardly free. He has to be in his home by 7 every night. He can’t go to a college football game.

Updyke has become a celebrity in a twisted sort of way. Fans lined up to get his autograph days before Alabama beat LSU in New Orleans to win the 2011 national championship. They asked him to pose for pictures.

That says as much about those who sought his autograph or to have pictures taken with him as it says about Updyke.

Here is what Updyke deserves: He deserves to be ignored. He’s not worth spending money on. And he’s certainly not worth a moment’s angst. He’s just a sad loser who committed a crime to retaliate for something that never happened in a sport that is supposed to be for fun.

Forget about him. Make him as irrelevant as he was before he gained the kind of infamy that most of us would never want. For him, being ignored will be the most painful punishment of all.

Moving on:

I don’t have a lot to report on Auburn’s search for a baseball coach to replace John Pawlowski, but I am told all options are being pursued. That includes looking at some guys who have succeeded on the highest level as head coaches.

Whether Auburn will go that route or will go the route of most Southeastern Conference schools and hire a successful assistant or mid-major head coach remains to be seen. I wouldn’t predict anything at this point.

The same, by the way, could be said about hiring a softball coach to replace Tina Deese. That search, however, could be approaching a conclusion. …

Who would have thought that the SEC would have two – three if South Carolina beats North Carolina today – teams in the College World Series and Vanderbilt would not be one of them? The Commodores had arguably the best regular season in league history, and now they’ll be watching on television. That has to be a bitter disappointment. …

Former Auburn offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler and offensive line coach Jeff Grimes face a challenge no other coaches will face this season. After being forced out at Auburn, along with the rest of the staff, after last season, they have the same jobs at Virginia Tech. They will coach against Alabama for the second consecutive time when the Hokies play the Tide in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff game.

Loeffler and Grimes didn’t fare well in their last try, a 49-0 loss in Tuscaloosa. …

The major league baseball draft had to be a big disappointment for some Auburn players, with only pitcher Conner Kendrick and first baseman Garrett Cooper being chosen.. Centerfielder Ryan Tella took the biggest fall of all, going undrafted after being chosen in the 11th round after last season.

Until next time …

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