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Auburn should have one of the nation’s best special team units this fall. And they’ve secured commitments from two of the nation’s best kickers to ensure that tradition of excellence continues.

Carlson committed to Auburn July 1.

“I think Daniel Carlson is a real special kid and I think Jimmy Hutchinson has the potential to be a really good punter,” said Jamie Kohl, who is the Director and Coach of Kohl’s Kicking Academy. “I’m very happy for Coach Jay Boulware and Coach Gene Chizik, that they’re going to have two great prospects on their hands.”

Kohl has a long-standing relationship with both Chizik and Boulware.

“They are as proactive as any staff that I’m associated with in the nation,” Kohl said. “I get calls from just about every staff on the D-I level and I’ve got a closer relationship with Auburn than most, really any. They treat me like gold. Those guys have been great with me over the years.

“The guys that they’ve worked with have all been pretty successful. Coach Boulware is an outstanding developer of talent for kickers and punters.”

Kohl recommended both kicker Cody Parkey and punter Steven Clark, who have become two of the nation’s best after signing with Auburn in 2010.

“We pulled Steven out of the hills of Missouri, nobody had known about him, and last year he was in the running for the Ray Guy award,” he said. “Cody Parkey is a guy who everybody knew about. He had a love for Auburn and they asked me and I said, ‘If Cody can’t get it done, I don’t know who can in that class.’ He was that special.”

Kohl believes both Carlson and Hutchinson have the potential to be as good or even better. He rates Carlson, who is the son of a former Swedish professional tennis player, a 5-star and the nation’s No. 1 kicker.

“Down in Orlando, we had the top kickers in the nation and they all went head-to-head,” he said. “We had competitions and one of them was kickoffs. Daniel hit one kickoff that pretty much made everyone put their ball down and not want to compete after he hit that ball. It was an unbelievable hit. It was about 4.4 hang time. Pretty much everyone knew they couldn’t touch that.

Hutchinson committed in February.

“The thing that sealed it in my mind was he went 10-for-10 the next day during the field goal contest. He’s very consistent. He’s very coordinated. He’s got a special frame. He’s very mentally tough.”

Kohl rates Hutchinson a 5-star and the nation’s No. 2 punter.

“Jimmy has probably been to five or six of our events,” he said. “Where he really started separating himself was last December at our camp we held in the Atlanta. We brought all the best kids in the nation together.

“When he’s on, not too many kids can hit 5-second hang times, which he has the ability to do. He has to continue to get stronger physically. He’s kind of a wiry-framed high school kid but he has tremendous leg speed. I’m excited for his future at the next level. I think he will be a very good punter in the years to come.”

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