Forum Guidelines

Board Guidelines

Breaking these guidelines may lead to a blacklist/ban or global ban (that means you cannot read posts on other 247Sports sites too). Length of penalty may be anywhere from 5 minutes to eternity.

1. No offensive language or images (swear words/cuss words, sexist, racist, religious) - including variations of offensive language with different spellings or letters omitted, etc.

2. No personal attacks/name-calling of anyone - coaches, players, employees, fellow posters, recruits, etc. If there is a poster or posters you find annoying or don't want to read, use the ignore function.

3. No posting of copyrighted material from this network or any other entity. VIP content is just that. Posting VIP content in non-VIP areas is not allowed and could result in an automatic revoke of posting privileges. Sharing a link to VIP content on Facebook or Twitter is allowed as long as the contents of the link are not copied and pasted.

4. No pornographic or obscene photos in avatars, posts, or signature files. Also, please don't link to this type of material or suggest to others where to find such material.

5. No posting of any type of content that could be libelous.

6. Don't spam the board.

7. Don’t use the board to communicate with one or just a few select users - that is what private messaging is for.

8. No commercial offers or solicitation of business or Internet traffic.

9. No posting of information that is fabricated or known to be false.

10. No "trolling" and/or being a disruptive force on the boards.

11. No posting threads of a highly sexual nature. Any photos or videos that contain nudity or foul language are not allowed and will be deleted without warning. Forum posts may not include text or images that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, sexist, or discriminatory. This includes different variations in spelling a coach or player name that is meant as demeaning or vulgar.

12. We do not know why you got banned on another team site. Handle your banning with the site you were banned on.

13. No asking for help, or review of your site, your buddy's highlight tape or anything that may be conceived as promotion to our users. Some flexibility will be allowed to actual members of the community who do more than just ask for help or promote their side projects.

14. No bad-mouthing or taunting the AuburnUndercover site staff. PM, email or post what you are concerned with.

15. Links to non-247Sports premium articles is not allowed and may be deleted by the staff without warning unless you get approval from AUC management before posting the link.

16. Forum posts may not include any message intending to disrupt this forum.

17. This is not a board for political statements or arguments, regardless of what side of the political spectrum you are on.
Violating any of these rules could lead to a post and/or entire thread being edited or deleted. It could also lead to the user being blacklisted or banned.

Please note that the Forum Rules extend to all areas of the site, including but not limited to Private Messages, Signatures and Avatars. If there's something that's not on the list and you're not sure about it, please ask so that we can respond.

Additional Notes on Signatures

We do not want to greatly limit what users can do with their signatures, but please use common sense before uploading. This is a family friendly forum. Would you want your child to view what's in your signature? If not, don't use it. Many users enjoy viewing other users' signatures that are Auburn-related. Many of those same members do not enjoy vulgar or highly sexual photos. If your signature violates what AuburnUndercover seems appropriate, it will be edited or banned from the site. Please consider others before selecting a signature image.

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