‘He’s the total package’

Cameron Artis-Payne can make a coaches’ job so much easier.

For the past two season, just about all Allan Hancock coach Kris Dutra has needed to do is hand the ball off to Aritis-Payne. His star tailback has rushed for a school-record 3,162 yards and 41 touchdowns.

“He’s the total package,” Dutra said. “He’s really physical. He’s a physically gifted guy. He’s a 5-11, 215-pound guy that is fast. He’s very strong. The thing about him that I think makes him special are his intangible qualities.

“He’s a smart football player and very durable. He’s a really physically, rugged guy. I’ve never seen him hurt for a second. He’s just as durable mentally. He does what you ask him to do and he’s going to do it full speed.”

Artis-Payne committed to Auburn Thursday. Dutra said the Auburn staff was looking for a physical tailback that was capable of carrying the ball 20-25 times a game.

“He’s plenty tough enough to do that and I think that’s part of the reason Auburn liked him too,” Dutra said. “They like the fact that he’s durable. Every coach wants a guy you can depend on. He’s out at practice every day and he knows the difference between being hurt and being injured.”

Dutra said one of Artis-Payne’s best attributes is breaking tackles and getting yards after contact.

“That’s probably the top stat he would have,” he said. “If he gets into the second level of the defense, he’s going to break a lot of tackles.”

According to Dutra, Auburn had everything Artis-Payne was looking for in a school.

“He really liked Auburn. I think his heart has been down there for a while,” he said. “It’s kind of his dream to play in the SEC. I think he realizes it’s just a huge step up and he can’t wait.

“He played against a lot of major 1-A caliber guys this year, a lot of very physically imposing guys, and did very well. I think he’ll do well for Auburn.”

Dutra said Artis-Payne has also been a standout off the field at Allan Hancock.

“Cameron is an outstanding young man,” he said. “He’s very intelligent. He’s got outstanding work ethic. He’s very confident in himself.”


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