BMATT247: Sanctions coming to UO

Wednesday morning’s coffee may be a little bitter in Eugene, Oregon.

Kelly is now the head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles.

The NCAA Committee of Infractions will announce its findings in the Oregon-Willie Lyles case at 7:30 a.m. PT, that’s 9:30 in this neck of the woods.

Lyles, in case you’ve forgotten, became involved in the recruitment of several high-profile prospect including running back Lache Seastrunk, who is now at Baylor after spending a year at Oregon.

At the center of the investigation is a $25,000 payment Oregon made to Lyles for a very dubious national recruiting package.

The NCAA has already rejected -- never a good sign -- Oregon’s request for a summary disposition that would have included a self-imposed two-year probation and the loss of one scholarship in each of the next three years.

Both parties have already admitted the case is major in nature -- another bad sign.

What will the ultimate sanctions be? Hard to say but they’ll certainly make things tougher for first-year head coach Mark Helfrich as he takes over the program from Chip Kelly.....

Reports surfaced Tuesday that linebacker/running back Brent Calloway was leaving Alabama for Arizona Western College, where he hopes to play one year before signing with another D-I school in the 2014 class.

I’m certainly not surprised. Not at all.

Calloway is headed to junior college.

The former 5-star was almost doomed from the start with a messy recruitment that included relatives, friends and acquaintances who clearly had ulterior motives for getting involved in his life.

Would Calloway have fared better had he stuck with his commitment to Auburn? His two arrests in two years in Tuscaloosa certainly shed doubt on that.

But choosing a school for the wrong reasons sets up a young man to fail from the start. Adults need to learn to act like adults and provide leadership and guidance, not subterfuge and manipulation.....

The wait continues for Mississippi State athletics.

The Bulldogs couldn’t come up with the clutch hits and UCLA did a much better job taking advantage of opportunities and making big plays on defense to win the College World Series.

MSU remains without a National Championship in any sport in 118 years. UCLA, on the other hand, has a nation’s-best 109 after picking up their first in baseball.

I have to give the MSU fans a lot of credit. They turned out in droves in Omaha to support their team and there was even a large crowd at Dudy Noble Field in Starkville for a viewing party.

MSU’s baseball program has had so much success, you’d like to see them get over the hump soon. Maybe next year.....

I don’t like what college baseball has become. The lack of home runs and offense in general was at center stage at the CWS. UCLA managed to go 5-0 batting .227 as a team. They were hitting .182 until Tuesday night’s 8-0 championship-clinching win.

Fourteen teams combined for just three home runs in Omaha. MSU hit several balls Monday and Tuesday that could have been game-changing home runs but turned into warning-track outs.

College baseball was out of control in 1990’s with the juiced-up bats and the NCAA did the right thing by bringing an end to the Gorilla ball era but it’s gone too far in the other direction. The NCAA needs to change the balls or the bats, or the fences need to come in.

College baseball should be a fun and exciting brand that differentiates itself from Major League baseball with offense and power. I certainly didn’t see enough of that in Omaha.

Not even close.

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