A big splash of truth

A fiery Gene Chizik went on the attack Monday afternoon.

Chizik spoke on WJOX radio.

In a nearly 30-minute interview with the Roundtable on WJOX sports radio in Birmingham, the former Auburn coach responded to allegations made in separate stories on ESPN and Roopstigo.com, calling reports of grade-changing “ludicrous.”

“We're about facts and truth and data. Here's the facts. You can take them or leave them,” Chizik said. "We want to make as big of a splash with the truth as what was accused."

Chizik’s statement come shortly after Auburn released a detailed point-by-point response to the allegations made in the story written by Selena Roberts on Roopstigo.com earlier this month.

The article alleged that Auburn had played nine players in the BCS National Championship game that were academically ineligible including former running back Mike Dyer.

Auburn found that six players didn’t make the trip due to academics and that Dyer was eligible with a 2.8 GPA.

“How many grades to you have to change to get to a 2.85 GPA? It doesn't even make sense,” Chizik said. “That allegation is ludicrous.”

The Roberts article also claimed that former safety Mike McNeil had an F changed to a C by an academic counselor. McNeil stated that he did B work in the class but missed too many classes.

Auburn found that the professor followed University policy making the grade change after receiving documented excused absences.

"We don't deal with the professors,” Chizik said. “We have an outstanding academic support staff.”

McNeil also alleged racism and that Chizik and his staff treated black players with tattoos and dreadlocks differently.

“I don't know why he said that. That hurts me,” Chizik said. “I feel like if that was the case why would I have recruited players with tattoos? Why would I have recruited players with dreadlocks?”

Chizik also responded to the allegation former wide receiver Darvin Adams was offered money to return for his senior season. Adams denied the claim in a statement issued through his agent Monday.

“What was important to Darvin was to get the truth out,” Chizik said. “...That facts are that no coach and no booster offered him anything to stay at Auburn.”

Chizik said none of the serious allegations that have been made against Auburn over the past several years have turned out true or resulted in an NCAA violation.

"The NCAA spent the better part of two years at Auburn and they found nothing,” he said. “...Here is something people need to know, Auburn has not had a major violation in 20 years.”

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"It started out as a Mississippi State problem and then somehow, for 13 months, became an Auburn problem."

On if the the 2010 National Championship would be tainted...

"Simply to the Auburn people, it's not fair. It's not right."

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