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The place for Tiger fans to talk about everything Auburn and not!

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King of the Updyke Nation

  • I just finished reviewing my VHS tape of the BCSNCG and was watching the post-game comments of well you know Lord $aben. Why ESPN would have Urban and Spanky on the set that voted against HCGC for SEC coach of the year is beyond belief. Anyway a Spanky quote after the game. "If he had given the ball to LMJ WE would had walked into the endzone." Really Also he said Updyke was in No way or anyway an Alabama fan?
    When you have a King pulling for whoever plays against AU is a problem. He has never said Auburn University although he did say one year - University of Auburn Yes until he sez our name in public Spanky is King of the Updyke Nation.

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  • In a report from ESPN about Updyke, they said he had two kids: a daughter named Crimson and a son named Bear (don't remember seeing any ages). Since Updyke is in his 60s, I think it's safe to assume that they were born and named at least 20-25 years ago, possibly longer. This guy is most definitely a bammer, and he does represent Alabama. If the shoe were on the other foot and an Auburn fan had smashed their Lord and Savior's statue, the whole Auburn family would have been blamed. Luckily, we have quite a bit more class. SN: putting an easily removable Cam Newton jersey on a statue, while arguably in poor taste, hardly warrants the killing of a priceless piece of nature.

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