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2010 and 1957

  • So far here in 2010, the Auburn Tigers have demonstrated an ability to win the close games. That is the mark of a championship team, as was demonstrated by the undefeated Tigers of 1957, AP National Champions.

    In 1957, Auburn was 7-0 in the SEC, winning those seven conference games by 7, 6, 3, 13, 8, 6, and 40 points, an average margin of just under 12 points. The 40-point blowout of Alabama skews the numbers a bit. Five of the seven SEC wins were by single-digit margins and the average of those is just 6 points.

    By comparison, the 2010 Tigers so far have won five SEC games by 3, 3, 8, 22, and 7 points,, an average margin of under 9 points. Four of the five wins have been by single-digit margins, and the average of those is just over 5 points.

    The 2010 Tigers so far are cutting it a bit closer than did their 1957 predecessors. That is rather remarkable, since the primary 2010 strength has been on offense, while that of 1957 was defense. It is a long-held principle of football that defense is more dependable than offense. Can the 2010 Tigers sustain their success, and thus provide an exception to that conventional wisdom?

  • good numbers/info there LunaTick. This team seems to have a "togetherness/closeness" that was such a very famous part of that 1957 team.

    Another thing shared by both teams............both teams had a very special QB that helped bring the team together and both QB's were an unknown/unproven quantity coming out of spring ball.

    While trying to compare Lloyd Nix and Cam Newton athletically certainly can't be done..........their leadership qualities, work ethic and will to win are right there together.

    That '57 team also had a dominating defensive tackle that really came into his own in '57 and a true leader at LB in Burkett.........just like Fairley and Bynes.

    And one might compare Lorino and Dyer if they felt so inclined to do so.......as well as Adams and Red Phillips as goto clutch receivers.

    In fact, one could go down the roster of both teams and point out many similarities between players and their ability to "do their part" and play their role to produce victory.

    Maybe that comparison can be made with all championship teams.

    With all that being said, I for some reason see this 2010 version of AU like the mirror image of the 1972 team......one was dominating on defense and the other dominating on offense.....while the other side of the ball just made enough plays to win the game.

    In the end, the 2010 AU team and the players and coaches involved might simply be UNIQUE in the history of Auburn Football and I feel very fortunate to be able to see them play in person as much as I have.


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  • good info.
    Did not know much about the 57 team but do know we could have put up bigger numbers this year.
    Look at the La-monroe game where Cam didn't even rush the ball..
    We never trailed vs LSU and probably could have tacked on another TD.
    In other games this year it is- just take the W and move on.
    I do think we are improving each week which is important to sustain sucess.
    Look for bigger margins of victory in the streach run.
    War Eagle!

  • What I am seeing is an offense that has progressively gotten better and better. While we were no slouch at the beginning of the season, we have improved more and more. For example, in the games mentioned, we have either needed a drive to win or a drive to run the clock out, and did just that. Against a very stout LSU D, we ran the ball at will and dared them to stop us, and they didn't. Our D has struggled but they have overcome when most needed and lets not forget, they have made their own strides in improving. We have had at least one, sometimes two, player take home the weekly SEC honors every single week. The players have stayed humble all the while. This team has the heart of a champion and I truly believe this is the year of the Auburn Tiger.

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