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so i heard that the bammer four.....

  • True, but what irritated me was the comment in the post I originally quoted about a "weapon possession charge" and in the story which was linked to it, "Officers frisked Williams and found a pistol, which he did not have a proper license to own, in his pants pocket." It annoys me when people spread the myth that you have to have a license to own a pistol in any state, much less this one.

    Performance stands out like a ton of diamonds. Nonperformance can always be explained away.

  • I know people think we shouldn't throw stones because of our players who were arrested for Armed Robbery back in 2011 but I disagree; the reactions of the two schools and fan bases couldn't be more different. CGC kicked the players off the team before they were even released on bond and I didn't see one fan try to justify what they did but all I've heard from bama people is we don't know what happened, we need to wait until all the facts come out before we rush to judgement, etc. I know it isn't the same in the eyes of the law because the Auburn guys used a gun in their robbery but I think what the Bama players did was way worse. Our guys tried to rob a drug dealer and didn't hurt anyone to pay for back rent, their guys almost killed two random innocent people, possibly damaging them (physically/psychologically) for life, so they could get snacks out of a vending machine, when the people they beat up would have probably given them whatever they asked for and been happy to do it, just because they are football players. While both are bad and deserving of jail time you cannot tell me that what our guys did was worse.