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Yahoo's top 10 coaching staffs...guess who???

  • ColaChiver

    Noted. I do find fault with some of those as well like Ohio State....Not really sure how you can put someone even in the Top 125 coaching staffs in the country when they haven't coached anything yet. Va Tech I have no problem with being there because they win 10+ games every year. They can't win the big one, but they are still building up. Watch out for Logan Thomas this year, really... Texas has had a bit of a fall the last couple of years, but they have still one multiple Big 12 championships and a national title in 2005. Who would you put above them.

    Another great point up there was how AU's staff isn't even remotely the same as it was in 2010. You can't really say our staff should be up there if you point out the thing about Ohio State not having coached anything with our new coordinators and a couple new position coaches.

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    I was going to put a witty joke here, but I forgot bama fans still use picture books. So I thought I'd expedite the process for you...

  • I agree about Ohio State, that's a weird one.

    But again, for South Carolina, you can't just write off what they've done because other teams have fallen back. They have fallen back, yet Kentucky is still Kentucky. Carolina is no longer "Carolina".

    Carolina is 2-1 vs Florida, 2-1 vs Tennessee, and 2-1 vs Georgia in the last three years. Sure, they are all a down from their "power" positions, but still, while South Carolina has gone 6-3 against those teams, Kentucky and Vanderbilt have still gone 2-16.

    And I point again to recruiting as well. In the last 6 classes, they have averaged 9.5 four and five star players per class. The 5 classes before that they averaged 4.8 four and five star players per class (one of which turned out to be our own Kenny irons).

    Add to that what they've done for facilities and the change in culture. Trash talking Carolina fans? There was no such thing about 6-7 years ago. They were content to fill 80k into the stadium and just be thankful they had a team.

    The more I think about it....I would maybe even put Spurrier at number one on that list because of the depth that his impact has had on the program. It's far, far more than just winning. He actually has it set up to where Carolina will be able to reel in a top-notch coach at the next hiring phase. It's now a place someone would want to go. It's a place now that someone would leave other decent BCS programs to go coach there. Recruits consider them now. In other words, you can win there now, when that wasn't necessarily true before. Another couple years of success and Spurrier will have done for Carolina what Alvarez did for Wisconsin, or what Beamer has done for Virginia Tech (or even Bowden and Florida State).

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  • As for VT, East Carolina and James Madison are the "big ones?"

    Texas. Mack Brown has been there for 15 years. For 15 years his recruiting classes have been very highly ranked, dropping out of the top five only in the years when he couldn't sign enough players to rank higher. With teams chocked full of top 5 recruits over long periods of time, he lost 12 games in two years. With a clubhouse full of highly recruited/highly ranked players, in the last three years he has played in a BCS Championship game and lost 12 games. Chizik - won a BCS CG and lost 10 games with no more than 3 years of recruiting. So if Chizik and staff aren't there, why is Brown? Also, Brown's staff is not the same one that coached the BCS Championship game in 2009. They were fired in wholesale following the 7 loss season. The current staff at Texas has one season under their belt with 5 losses with a team comprised of 4-5 years of top 5 recruiting classes.

    Who should be there? How about TCU? They have no big time recruits, but have won 80 games in the last 7 years including multiple wins over Boise State including once on the blue field (VT couldn't beat them in Charlottesville), #5 Wisconsin, #5 Utah, Clemson and BYU to name a few. Would have played in a championship game if the format had been the one coming in 2014.

    How about Kansas State. Bill Snyder staff there - winners. Bill Snyder staff leaves - losers, Bill Snyder staff returns - winners. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

  • ColaChiver

    So? It's not like Auburn hasn't lost some games that we should have. Mack Brown and a bunch of his staff has been there for years. You can't put an Auburn coaching staff in there when half of our coaching staff hasn't coached a down at Auburn..

    2010 Auburn Coaching Staff: 2011 Auburn Coaching Staff:

    Head Coach - Gene Chizik - same
    Offensive Coordinator - Gus Malzahn - Scott Loeffler
    Defensive Coordinator - Ted Roof - Brian Van Gorder
    Special Teams Coach - Jeff Boulware - same
    Running Backs Coach - Curtis Luper - same
    Defensive Line - Tracy Rocker - Mike Pelton
    Offensive Line - Jeff Grimer - same
    Secondary Coach - Phillip Lolley - Willie Martinez
    Wide Receivers - Trooper Taylor - same

    Half of our coaching staff from the National Championship team is gone. That's my point. You can't sit there and count it against one team and not count it against your team because it's convenient for your argument.

    Also, I'm not arguing against some of those teams you mentioned, but I would much rather have Texas' last ten years over TCU's...wouldn't you?

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    I was going to put a witty joke here, but I forgot bama fans still use picture books. So I thought I'd expedite the process for you...

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  • I agree there have been improvements in the South Carolina program. But when you're on the bottom, any progress seems large. I will not be convinced they are relevant until they can at least break-even with the top half of the SEC West. To date, they are 2-10 against those programs with the lone highlights coming against an eventual 3-loss Alabama in 2010 and an eventual 7-loss Arkansas in 2008. One win against a highly overrated Alabama team doesn't make them any more special than Louisiana-Monroe.

    If he can win the East AND beat LSU and Arkansas this year, I may reconsider. But right now, I think that staff's success is as much about poor competition as it is about anything else. Sure, they are a cut above Kentucky and Vanderbilt. So are at least 9 other SEC teams.

  • The Texas staff from 2009 was fired almost in its entirety in 2010. My point is not that Auburn should be in there. My point is that Texas shouldn't be there either.

    Look at it this way. If in 2024, having had 15 years of top 5 and top 10 recruiting classes, Auburn went 5-7 followed in 2025 with 8-5, do you think Gene Chizik and his staff would deserve to be included in the top 10 coaching staffs in the country? The last time Auburn went 5-7, the entire staff, including the Head Coach, was dismissed.

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  • Spurrier is jack... But can coach....if he didn't work at another sec school, I'd be glad to have him as the coach of my favorite NCAA team.....Mack brown? All he does is steal good DCs from auburn....chiz and muschamp.....manny Diaz? Not sold on him yet. U go from chiz to muschamp to him, that's a downgrade...and bamas OC has be never called plays before....sarkasian called the plays on game day at UW...well see how he does

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  • Great points!!!

    Urban Meyer did good at Utah, then Tebowed his way to two NC at Florida. Then we took his ex-QB and Cammed our way to a NC ourselves.

    Urban left the SEC because it caught up with his offense and he had NO DISCIPLINE to speak of at Florida. Percy could say or do whatever he wanted to do then still suit up on Saturday. Urban admitted allowing the better players to get by with more crap.

    I couldn't make a great argument for Chizik and Company being on that list just yet. In each year that he lost a game, he has lost anywhere from 5 - 10 games.

    Ron Zook could recruit but he lost 4 or 5 games a year- at FLORIDA. I wouldn't trade this coaching staff for any of those in the top ten right now. If we have some more like '09 Arkansas, Kentucky, and LSU games, or more like the '11 Arkansas, Clemson, Bama, UGA or LSU - I may rethink my position.

    For now, I'm holding my stock in Chizik, Inc. that rose up to $1000 a share just two years ago. It may have gone back down to $100 per share last year, but the growth potential is enormous.

    Attitude is Everything

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  • It looks odd to me. In 5 seasons at bama, the top coach has 2 national championships, 1 SEC championship yes 1, a loss to SW whoever to go along with the loss to UAB and Watson Brown back with the "dynasty" the media says he built at LSU. Look at the two NC games at bama. One game, the other quarterback gets hurt early.Good break for bama. Second game last year, there is no way any other team would have been "given" a second chance.Great break for bama. The real measuring stick was when this Top coach was at Michigan State and how he did against Michigan. Not too good. Bama doesnt need the media's help but Saban does. See Miami Dolphins. By the way, our coach also has 1 SEC championship in 3 years and he never gave up a 24 point lead at home when everything was on the line.