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Why are we allowing JG, JJ, and TJ to hold us hostage?

  • Their decisions and moves have nothing to do with the Creed. It has everything to do with their Greed in hopes of retaining positions they aren't qualified for so they can maintain a quality of lifestyle they do not deserve.

    Simply embarrassing that we've even allowed it to go on this long.

  • President Gogue really isn't the big problem other than the fact that certain people have convinced him to keep Jacobs. Gogue is actually a good President, but he is out of his league in dealing with football issues (like most Presidents). It's the AD that should be taking the lead in hiring and firing coaches, but most have lost confidence that Jacobs can do that effectively and so more of this is in Gogue's court than it should be if the AD wasn't so weakened. The basic problem is that Auburn refuses to get a guy like Foley in at AD that would be a top notch AD. Instead, we only look to the pool of good Auburn men and that pool is small in qualified AD's compared to if you said "let's go get one of the best guys in the entire country". Trust me when I say that Jay Jacobs would have never been hired if he was not close to Coach Dye. At some point, Auburn is going to have to go outside of the family and be willing to either hire the best AD possible or at least have an AD with the good sense that Mal Moore had when he finally decided that it didn't matter if he was hiring someone he didn't know or that wasn't in the family to coach. He decided to go get the best coach, pay top dollar, and give full 100 percent control. No Auburn coach since Dye has had complete control like what Saban has now.