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Why Chizik doesn't deserve the chance to return...

  • Many of the egregious mistakes that Chizik has made could have been changed already.
    - Every week, Chizik made a conscious decision to have Tim Jackson as his right hand man. If he really wanted to change it, he could have. Fact: he didn't want to. He clearly didn't think it was problematic even though every body else knew it was. This was the way he wanted things. That should tell us something about the way he thinks and makes decisions.
    - Every week, for multiple season he has chosen to meddle with his coordinators. Not only does this cause chemistry problems amongst coaches but it also divides a locker room. Players are forced to see things either Chiziks way or their coordinators way. He has continued to do this for 3 years.
    Again, he didn't think this was wrong or he would have stopped.
    Chizik is a my way or the highway kind of man. And clearly doesn't have the ability or willingness or both to admit and correct when his way is wrong. That is one of the most detrimental shortcomings a leader can have. A true leader attempts to hire the best and brightest they can and let them do their thing. Chizik mistakenly thinks he is the best and brightest in all capacities and resents when anyone gets credit other than him. If you want proof of this, read his book.
    He has made NO effort to correct his mistakes. Either it's because he doesn't recognize just how bad things are or he is too stubborn to admit it. Both are signs of an incompetent leader. The best prediction of the future is the past. While it may be cliche, it's true.
    Bottom line, Chizik has had his chances to make corrections and improvements. He has failed miserable every week.

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