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Who's your favorite Auburn coach?

  • autigergirl said... (original post)

    I will always love Pat Dye. I grew to love the game of football with him lurking the sidelines in his navy sportcoat, orange and blue striped tie, and those Nikes. His last coaching season was my last as a student on the Plains. In my mind, he represents a turning point in Auburn football after the dark decade of the 70's. Who can forget where they were when we finally beat bama after too many years or how they felt when we were victorious Jordan Hare Stadium for the the first time ever? Those memories have the distinct flavor of Pat Dye every time I recall them. Perhaps it can be argued that coaches today are more cutting edge, more ingenius and I wouldn't disagree. But I truly can't imagine an Auburn legacy that doesn't loom in the long shadow of coach Pat Dye. War Eagle!

    Ahaaaa.........yes.... the Pat Dye era....Well dear daughter I know that was a great time for you but it all began for me with good ole Shug. I was nine when we won that one in "57" and what a day that was . I just can't remember it. I do believe what we're enjoying today is because of coach Dye but theirs just something special about Gene . I vote coach chez.........

  • In my lifetime (born in 1978):

    1) Dye, hands down. Brought respect to the school, the city, etc. I watched it happen (evolve) as I grew up in Auburn. His coaching staffs will forever be the tightest knit and hard nosed I will ever see (in my opinion).
    2) Tubby, got shafted and drops a 13-0 the following season. Smiles about it and gave me my longest winning streak vs. The Tide.
    3) Chizik, only because it's Year Two, probably; despite the National Championship, etc.; it took me a while to get used to his use of the phrase, "Auburn Family" when he got outta dodge on a lateral move. I do believe he loves the place now but I can't help but think (and don't know that this gets brought up too often), if he's 0-2 or even 1-1 vs Clemson and/or South Carolina (0-2 was not unthinkable), I truly believe "most" Auburn folks would've been pretty upset. Let's be honest. Year One: 8-5, more than we expected. Year Two: "if" he had started 2-2 (losses to Clemson and South Carolina) head hunting wouldn't have been too far fetched; NO ONE thought we would run the table this year; it happened, I'm grateful, but "what if" (he's 0-2 vs the State of South Carolina...?) .
    4) Bowden, another "what if". Hard to argue his winning percentage and winning some REALLY big games. Auburn-LSU (1994) will FOREVER be the loudest and wildest Jordan-Hare has ever been. HUGE wins vs Florida; had UGA and UAT's number for the most part. Hard to argue. Probably in over his head from the start but he sure pissed a lot of folks off and surprised more than were really ever "behind" him.
    5) Barfield, he coached 1978 (when I was born) through 1980; I have no recollection of him, aside him beating the hell out of Auburn High (Alma mater) year after year after year when he coached at Opelika. From what I understand he was a stand up dude and didn't have a prayer from "Go" (from what I've heard).

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    "There's no doubt, we're going up." Gus Malzahn

  • Toomer Tree said... (original post)

    They're really all a part of the story, so it's tough to choose ... here'd be my ranking:

    1A. Shug Jordan. Auburn football was honestly on a path to complete irrelevancy when he took over. Mississippi State and Vanderbilt had far more going for them than Auburn. The facilities were horrible. The "cow college" was in the middle of nowhere and had a stadium so small opponents refused to play in it. Tennessee, Georgia, Georgia Tech, LSU, Ole Miss, and

    Rounding out a top ten: 6.) Jack Meagher, 7.) Terry Bowden, 8.) Chet Wynne, 9.) George Petrie, 10.) John Heisman

    Excellent, couldn't agree more. I was there during the Jordan years and always considered him a top class person and coach. It didn't seem to concern him that Bear got all the media glamor and glory, he just quietly went about his business of building great teams.

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