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The place for Tiger fans to talk football, basketball and recruiting

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Weather the Storm

  • I don't post very much. I usually enjoy reading and upvoting from time to time. It is clear that we are all discouraged and upset about the direction of our football program. It is as bad as I have seen in a long time. We can point fingers all day long, and venting is very much expected. I, for one, have done my fair share. The one thing we can say is that we are either in a bad storm or a dark valley. The key thing to remember about storms are they are only temporary. The bad ones even leave a lot of damage and a tremendous amount of clean up. However; it is after the toughest of storms that we seem to appreciate the moments of sunshine. There is no doubt we are in a storm, and it is up to the Auburn Family to realize that storms are only temporary. They are not going to last forever. If you decide to call what we are experiencing a dark valley then we must remember that they all have a mountain top at the end. We can also realize that some valleys are longer than others and some are darker than others, they also require an uphill climb in order to escape. The blessing of the valley is that it is where the majority of the growth is experienced. You never see much growth on a mountaintop because the grass grows the best in the valley. I love Auburn, I love the Auburn way, and I believe it is time that me and everyone else start living up to what we say we are: "fearless and true". It is not easy and it is down right frustrating much of the time. We have no idea how all this will last, but thankfully we can rest assured that it will not last forever. It may get worse before it gets better, and it may just get better. This morning I am wearing my Auburn pullover and thinking to myself that I am still very proud to be an Auburn Tiger. We must determine that we will weather this storm. If we lose every game for the rest of the season, my response will be "War Eagle!". If Chizik stays or if Chizik is gone at the end of this, my response will be "War Eagle!" If we lose every recruit on the board, then my response will still be "War Eagle!" I am not being an optimist, but I have decided if I am going to sing the Auburn fight song and teach it to my children then I need to represent with my actions. "WAR EAGLE, fearless and true!" Don't let this make you bitter, allow it to make you better! I will leave you with my last conversation with a shady bammer: (Hoping to make you smile!)

    Bammer: "Auburn ain't doing very good!"
    Me: "No they are not!"
    Bammer: "Why don't you come on over and join a winning team!"
    Me: "Who would that be?"
    Bammer: "The University of Alabama!"
    Me: "I would rather eat maggots and die!"
    Bammer: Speechless with mouth open wide.
    Me: Walking away

    WAR EAGLE!!!