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Ron - ? About mid season coaching changes

  • I know I continue to hear Phillip say he doesn't think anything will happen before seasons end. Not doubting him at all. But just wanted to get your opinion on a few things that could possibly improve if coaching changes were made mid season.
    1. Negativity of team - seems like some of our younger current players that are very frustrated for lack of direction and improvement might get to the point of looking at other options if it gets worse. They may be convinced that Chizik isn't going to be fired. I expect he is doing his best to convince them of that. Firing him now could cause them to be more hopeful for the future preventing them from getting to that point of no return with their frustration. I'm convinced we are going to lose some recruits either way, but I would like to keep our current players as intact as possible except for those that are "cancerous". I have no idea whether we have any of those, and if we do, who they would be.
    2. Allows more time to research other coaches without being deceptive. If you wait until seasons end, you have to pretend that you aren't looking at other coaches. I understand you cannot interview anyone that is currently coaching, but you could certainly do your homework between ow and then so you would be ready when their season is over.
    3. Removes the distraction of the questions. It seems like right now, that is one of the main topics about Auburn is Chiziks decline. That cannot be a good thing for our players or the program. The sooner he is gone, the sooner those discussions go away, right?
    3. Recruits - not saying that having no coach would help but i doubt having a coach who is inevitablly going to be fired isn't much different, is it? In some ways , it could be worse. Otherwise, don't you run the risk of allowing recruits to think there is a possibility of no coaching changes. At least you could tell recruits that improvements are coming.
    4. If and I do mean if you were going to go get someone that is available now, I.e Petrino, wouldn't it be better to do that sooner than later?
    5. Surely no one actually believes that it's too soon to say that Chizik cant pull this team together?
    Even if none of my questions are valid, in your opinion, is there EVER a reason to make coaching changes mid season or is that just never for any reason the right thing to do for a program?
    Thanks for your time and input!

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