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Rob Pate, Texas A&M Review

  • We saw a team quit. We saw the very definition of ambivalence. A game plan shredded on both sides of the ball. Execution extinct. Pride nonexistent. Effort questionable at best. The most defunct Auburn football team in the history of Auburn football sunk to a new low Saturday night which is sure to usher in sweeping changes throughout the athletics department. And it should have already happened. In fact every day that passes without major change is another day of Auburn wallowing around in our own apathy. It's complete insanity, by definition. Same plans...expecting different results. What we saw against a middle of the pack Texas A&M squad Saturday was unacceptable by all involved, it was a complete embarrassment to all who care. Noncompetitive? Again? At home? Get real!

    The worst part of this whole process is leaving the players in the dark with what's going on behind the scenes. They have coaches with one foot out the door in many instances. Coaches they're close to and in numerous cases, coaches that were the predominate factor in them choosing to become an Auburn Tiger. They have boosters and board members trying to come to a consensus without any true knowledge of football in general, let alone how it affects the young men we watch on Saturdays. They know change is in order, but the specifics are never shared and left to speculation. They should be the very first people to know the plan. They live with the decision in a way the decision makers and observers can't even grasp, so letting them know by means of SportsCenter is unacceptable. They deserve better than that and I hope they'll be treated with the proper level of respect and immediately informed when decisions transpire. They should hear it from the horses mouth rather than their classmates.

    With regard to our coaches, we can argue about minutia all day long, but the reality is this staff apparently needs more than top 10 talent to win at Auburn. They need All-Pro talent to do so and that's an impossibility. They need guys that come already prepared for the next level because we certainly haven't shown an ability to do the necessary developing ourselves.

    I've truly run out of things to say here. It's the same song, different verse repeatedly and it's a chore to try and fill space discussing the same problems every week. I'm weary from writing. I can't even fathom how weary this team is and how much they dread playing out the remainder of this season. What a sad state of affairs.

  • Damn. Can't argue with that.

    Hell, I may stand and clap.

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    Kids, (a) Changing speeds is more important than a curve ball (b) you play defense with your feet & (c) Wayne Hancock is the tits.

  • Sums the situation up as well as I have heard.

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