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Recruiting: Right Direction! On Field: Wrong Way!

  • I guess that I'll get hammered again this week for being objective, and calling it like I see it. I've long supported ol' Coach Chizik, and will continue to do so at this point. However, he needs to really step it up. Once again our 'D' is getting their hats handed to them when it counts. MSU, which PM likes to point out hasn't beaten a Western foe other than Ole Miss under Mullen, has now done so. And they did it soundly. They appeared to be a far better team in nearly every aspect of the game. To that, I don't believe anyone can mount a viable argument. If so, I'm open minded and would love to read your opinion.

    You see, the problem for me is that they appear headed in the right direction on the field. WE DON'T! They seem to know the playbook on both 'O' and 'D'! They seem to play very-inspired as a team. The struggle that I have with a team like that manhandling a team like ours, is that we've not only out-recruited them over the last '4' years, we've dominated them on the trail. Yet, even with Cam, we narrowly escaped with a 'W' the last trip to Starkville. Last year, a game saving tackle had to be made along the goal line. This year, when their team has grown up a bit, they smacked us around like a lower-tier team.

    The questions that I pose are these:
    When will this staff stop making excuses about youthfulness?

    When will our dynamic recruiting pay off?

    Who is actually responsible for the "D"? (Because, under CTR & now CBVG, they look confused, at best, with very, very, very poor tackling ability!)

    Which of our Offensive coaches are actually coaching well? Why? Why not?

    When will we turn the corner, that it doesn't seem to take other teams several years to turn?

    Who is most responsible for this team looking so outmanned, outcoached, outplayed, and so on, by a far inferior talented team?

    Why is it that everybody just loves Coach Yox, yet for years we just plain get outmanned by teams with kids that weren't as big, fast, and strong coming out of high school, compared to our guys?

    This was quite embarrasing for the Auburn family! 18-yards passing after "3" Quarters? Are you freaking kidding me? I like the kid, but come on....let's be real. He's not ready for this league. He may never be......

    I know that Tuberville left the cupboard somewhat bare, depth-wise, but this is Chizik's football team now. There simply is no excuse to look this pathetic against MSU! This season is going to be long indeed. Not being a pessimist, but a realist. This MSU team, while playing inspired, and showing that they are better coached than ours, is nowhere close to Arky, LSU, Bammer, A&M, etc....

    If "YOU" downvote, please show your intellect and comment with the reason why you downvoted this.....

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  • I don't down vote reasonable criticism or questions. That is what I saw in your post. I hope most who read this saw it the way I did. BTW, note my name and real picture are attached to all my posts.
    My actions after a game:
    1) If we win I celebrate it, if we loose I mourn for about 5 minutes.
    2) I look back at the game noting what was done well and that which was not.
    3) I start looking to the next game and pulling for my team.
    I'm done with #1, almost done with #2, and starting #3 as I type this.
    War Eagle !!!!!

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  • Good philosophy!