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Ramblings: I'm proud of my AU family...

  • I made the trip from Houston, TX with my wife & attempted to purchase a ticket after I left for the game (to no avail). I would have paid $1000 but was unwilling to pay $2000 for a ticket with 3 minutes left in the 1st qtr... Yes you read that correctly. So I went to the world’s largest viewing party with 30k other Auburn folks and sat with my dear wife and mom. My dad, brother and nephews were some of the 49k Auburn faithful to actually make it inside the stadium. They had a great time and we were happy and proud that at least some of our blood family was inside.

    This may be the 1st Auburn game in my life (against a worthy opponent) where I can honestly say "I was never nervous or in doubt". You can call me a fool or you can accuse me of not being truthful but I was not nervous. I can't tell you why but I had a peace come over me ever since reading mwdeavers thread on Friday night (very late). I simply knew this was our time. I did not know how we would win only that we would win.

    At one point late in the game I felt a great deal of emotion coming on and thought I might literally "cry tears of joy" once it was over. I looked around however as the final ticks washed away and a deep sense of pride being "Auburn" welled up in me knowing that if the rest of the world could see how Auburn people were celebrating they might feel a sense of select envy. Our people were having a great time, behaving themselves and hugging and dancing and just embracing the moment. Just as they had the entire weekend and duration of the pre-game and game itself. I did see a few tears of joy. I saw an elderly cpl kiss deeply and I saw young cpls high fiving each other. I know that sounds odd but it happened just that way and it all gave me pride knowing this was "My family". Some by blood and others by a common bond.

    I'm glad to have made the pilgrimage via Las Vegas and to have met so many new and wonderful Auburn families. From the young man (Aaron) with the Weather Channel to the Vet School professors and their families. We met folks in the vending business, farmers, bankers and even a young girl (Kate - she works under water production) with the hour and a half show called "Le Rev" by Cirque de Soliel. We met teachers, lots of engineers, volunteers, pilots, logistics specialists and so many others I can't recall right now that I'm embarrassed I didn't keep a notepad or diary. A special thanks to Freddy Carney - Pres of the Las Vegas Auburn Club for putting together the 1st group of 4 buses to the game and to our bus Capt. Libba Brannon (Cam Newton Bus Capt.) for getting us all (minus one rider - hope he finally found his way) back to Las Vegas so we could catch our flight on time. Yes Libba, we still have your phone #.

    I guess my point is this - Auburn has already changed the world. Long before the 2010 football team took the field Auburn University had made its marks on the world. The difference between Monday morning and Tuesday morning is that on Tuesday Jan 11, 2011 the Auburn family woke up knowing it would be looked at as NCAA Football Champions to the rest of the world. Now you know the rest of the world is watching us ever closer. So be a good sport, role model, ambassador, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, parent, grandparent, employee. Whatever you are, whoever you are, be better at it and especially in public. We are now on the world stage and this means I represent you! And you represent me!

    I am proud of all those I met on this trip and to the ones I didn't meet; I hope to meet you soon.

    War Eagle

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  • Well Said TxWeagle... As Family through the tough times and the highes and lowes the Auburn Family remains strong through it all. The experience was fantastic and will be remembered from generation to generation.

    War Eagle

  • Great post TxWeagle! I for one am glad you were able to make the trip and had such a profound experience. It's those moments that really help remind us all that we are Family and we are ALL IN! War Eagle!

    "Alabama fans love Alabama football, Auburn fans love Auburn" -- Patrick Fain Dye

  • TxW, This was a pleasure to read. many thanks.

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    "There's no doubt, we're going up." Gus Malzahn

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    Auburn people feel a deep and passionate responsibility to uphold standards not written on paper, but lived from the heart.

  • Well said TxWeagle. I was on the Cam Newton bus too. I wonder where you sit in the bus (and who you are). I left the bus earlier than the rest of the passengers when we arrived near the Stadium and before the bus driver found a parking spot, as I did not need a ride back to Las vegas (I had told Libba and some 10 other people). I flew back to Atlanta immediately after the game (via Detroit) and was in fact the first flight got into Atlanta on Tuesday morning (around 9:30am).

    I enjoyed my ride with you all in the bus and, of course, the game and the celebration (did not miss a bit of it). A minor correction to your post, the bus captain is a lovely lady named Libba Carney (not Libba Brannon) who is a 3rd grade teacher in Carrywood Elementary School in Auburn. WDE.

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  • Thanks for the words from all of you above. I hope it wasn't recieved as corny by many, I know it was by some but it was what I felt/remembered and I had to get it out before I lost the memory and feeling.

    Hey Z, thanks for the clarification. The paperwork I got from Freddy indicated Libba Brannon was our bus Cpt...oh well she was a sweetie whatever her last name was. Betsy & I were on the left side of the bus (as you are facing the front) about half way back. I had on a blue button down shirt under an orange pull over AU vest - I had all the pins from over the years of agony & glory. Someone commented on the "Attitude" pin on the vest and a really old orange Auburn University "1856" baseball cap. Libby had a grey AU sweat shirt on. We were kinda quiet going down to Glendale but we got rowdy coming back.

    Were you were near the front on the right??? It was an AUsome experience. I'm sure I have lots of company wishing I had purchased my tickets on e-bay early in the 4th qtr of the SECCG - but it was still great.

    The bus pulled into the airport in Vegas at about 3:30 local time so we slept on the floor in front of the ticket counter until Continental opened at 4:30 am. We finally got back to Houston late on Tuesday and still have not quite recovered from the lack of sleep. It's tough at my age (over 50) working on 3 hrs sleep for 5 consecutive nights.

    There must be something wrong with me because I still feel like we need to get ready for something next week. I guess we just got so used to preparing for the next event we can't quite believe we accomplished our goal - or was it a mission. Whatever it was it sure feels like a beautiful thing.

    WDE brothers and sisters! Now lets get this recruiting thing down so we can make a this a regular thing!!!

    PS: I can't wait till the turds come to town next year. It's time to shut them up for a while...