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Question for Ron?

  • Ron, you are great at looking up numbers. It looks like (early anyway) the prognosticators are going to have Auburn somewhere in the teens for next season's preseason Top 25. What is the lowest a previous year's #1 started in the preseason A.P. or USA Today poll maybe going back in the history of the BCS? If it is too much trouble to look up, no big deal. If you get the chance, it would be appreciated.


  • I'm not Ron, but looking back a few years, it looks like LSU starting at #7 is the lowest I see. Florida started at #6 after 2006. Ohio State started at #6 following 2002.

    We're pretty unique though, I think. I don't know that any other title team has lost quite as much as us heading into the next season. Not only did we lose Newton and Fairley, arguably the best players in the country on each side of the ball, and not only did we lose 20+ seniors that were vital, we didn't really leave behind many juniors or sophomores that were impact players. A large % of the impact players left behind were true and redshirt freshman.

    That's pretty unusual for a title team. Most of the other title teams (of this decade at least) were teams that had 3 or 4 or more Top 10 recruiting classes filling in behind the group that was departing. That's not the case with us. We have one top 10 class (last years), a decent class the year before that, but insanely depleted classes prior to that.

    We aren't quite in "reload" mode at this point. I expect by 2012 we'll be there, but realistically, we aren't there quite yet....just from a sheer numbers standpoint.

    For what it's worth, after going 13-0 in 2004, we started 2005 at #16. That was similar to this, in that, we lost an awful lot off that team and hadn't quite earned "reload" respect just yet. However, that 2005 team was 9-2 and ranked #7 going into the bowls. Those two years back-to-back earned us a preseason ranking of #4 going into 2006.

    I'm not surprised at the "middle of the pack" expectations for next year, considering what we lose and the unknowns for next year.

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  • Thanks. You make a lot of good points Jadennis. I agree with you that 2012 looks more promising than 2011.