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Question for Phillip

  • What do you think has turned things from JJ being on the chopping block all the way to JJ likely returning and having a whole lot of input as to whether Chizik is retained? How did JJ's stock go up so far with Gogue in two weeks and why is Gogue moving into more of a passive role? It sure looks to me like Gogue is blinking and that leads me to believe that the Jacobs/Dye power base is winning this battle right now. If Chizik and Jacobs survive this, I think it will be tough to argue that Dye isn't a lot more influential than you've previously thought. There is no denying that Dye sure was confident that Chizik could lose out and save his job. The fact that we are this horrible and Chizik still has a fighting chance tells me that Dye knew exactly what he was talking about and that is that a very powerful core at Auburn would at least attempt to save JJ and Chizik regardless of what happened.

  • Thanks, Phillip. That's an interesting twist with Gogue and it sure looks like someone has gotten to him and either persuaded him or ran over him. I agree with your point about Dye and I'm not into conspiracies. However, I think the point is that while he doesn't have "authority", he has clout. If key people listen and often go along with what you think, that makes you a very powerful person whether you have authority or not. Way before the wheels came off, Dye made two points. He said Chizik could lose out and return and he said Petrino would never be Auburn's head coach. Nearly everyone wrote Chizik off for dead after the Ole Miss, Vandy, or Texas A&M games, but we now find out that he may still have a chance. Also, over half of Auburn fans had Petrino as a top choice a month ago, but we find out he has little to no shot. It sounds like we should listen closely to Dye because he seems to know everything way ahead of everyone else. That tells me he's still a very important figure in all of this.

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