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Official Conspiracy?

  • Spencer Tillman also called them all out at halftime... did anyone notice we didnt get another flag after halftime.

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    Seriously, don't take me too serious.

  • Well, it could have been worse. We could have gotten stuck with Penn Waiger's crew. His crew is the absolute worse of all the crews. Speaking of not spotting the ball fairly, I did a search of Ritter's name trying to see if I could determine where he went to school and pulled up documents on his crew. One dated back to 2001 on the GA/Fla game. The writer had the same gripe as us that Ritter's crew shorted Georgia anywhere from 1/2 to a full yard on plays, yet gave Florida extra yardage especially where it came to making a 3rd down or 4th down conversion. The article sounded almost identical to our situation.

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  • Another big problem I have about the terrible calls and spots that I listed in my original post was almost all of the incidents took place during a crucial game/momentum changing event during the ballgame. Whether the SEC officials and/or administration were intentionally trying to punish Auburn and/or it's players for prior offenses related to previous games played and/or friday's officiating crew were just being plain negligent about how they ended up running that ballgame dosen't make any difference to me, because the official's malicious or irresponsible actions concerning last friday's ballgame almost robbed Auburn of an undefeated season by not allowing the players on the field to decide the final outcome. It's extremely hard for me to believe that once the Auburn Coaching Staff and Athletic Department watch the replay of this game a few times that they won't have more questions about it than I do. I certainly respect and appluad how Coach Gene Chizik and his staff handle the officials on gameday, but just like someone mentioned earlier in this thread an Auburn official definitley needs to head up to SEC office in Birmingham and have a Iron Bowl replay question session about anything that might be unethical concerning the officiating for last friday's Iron Bowl game. Another strange fact was that the SEC President Mike Slive never showed up for last friday's Iron Bowl game even though he made a statement earlier last week that he would definitley be in attendance for the game. I'm also now begining to wonder if Mike Slive might just be too busy to attend the SEC Championship game this weekend in Atlanta, because if the officiating crew for this saturday's game happens to be the same crew that worked last friday's game I would deinitley be embarrased to admit that this crew had affiliation with the SEC let alone be forced to defend them while in attendance of watching them take it away from the players that are involved.

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  • I'm going to keep deadhorse until someone at the SEC office can explain to me how uat went 8 1/2 games, 500+ consecutive offensive plays without a holding penalty in 2009. There is something to this conspiracy. JMO shrug

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    Auburn people feel a deep and passionate responsibility to uphold standards not written on paper, but lived from the heart.

  • If you'ld like to see what the life of a corrupt SEC official here's the link.

    Bobby Pope: Crawford making the calls Article Link:

    This was posted on a diffierent site, but if it's true more fuel to the fire.

    Don't look now but, Tom Ritter and his crew also officiated the 2010 AU vs LSU game. The significance is, there is reason to believe that the SEC may be in on this rouge. If y'all remember correctly, in that game there was the issue with the time clock running out and the officials let the play go ahead and LSU got the TD tying the score at halftime 10-10. In the 3rd quarter they juxtaposed pictures from the end zone and the side lines to prove that the ball was being snapped simultaneously with the clock as it reached zero. Well I have the game on DVR and ran it at super slow motion and it showed that the frames from the sideline view was paused while the end zone view was moving to give the visual impression that the call was correct. I sent a pm to a very prominent poster who we all know and does visual break downs of plays. Well he sent me a pm stating that the juxtaposed pictures shown by CBS were not synced. If any of you want to check it out, just review the game. I think that the review was done to misrepresent the truth and keep down complaints of this tomfoolery as it took them the entire halftime to prepare and present this fraudulent video.

    Also on Finebaum's show yesterday, Gene Stallings said Auburn had the right to be upset about the Fairley call and a 4th down mark that was clearly short.

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  • I agree with you , especially on the 3rd down spot on Cam in 4th Quarter. It looks like the official ruled Cam's knee hit the ground before the rest of his body. The one replay they showed was not conclusive but it didn't look as if his knee actually touched the ground first. I was surprised CBS did not notice the discrepancy. Also surprised that CGC didn't challenge such an important spot. Auburn should put together a video pointing out all the questionable call and spots and send it to the SEC. If there is more than incompetence going on, they need to get to the bottom of it.

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