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Next Year's Offense-Part 2 "QB, RB, TE, H-Back and WR"

  • QB-Trotter should win the starting position (remember how he pushed Cam last Spring) with Moseley providing quality competition and the backup. Frazier is a really interesting element to this picture. I do not believe he will red shirt. I think he and the coaching staff will want to get Frazier as much as exposure to Gus as possible prior to Gus's departure. Also, I think Frazier brings a skill set that can contribute. I look for the coaches to put together a limited package of plays to run and let Frazier get some game experience early. Trotter has a good shot at setting all time season passing records next year. Team totals: 450 attempts and 4300+ yards.
    RB-Dyer gets more carries and more yards than in 2010 since he will be the starter from the beginning. 240 carries and 1300 yds. McCalebb gets 100 carries and 700 yds--about what he did this year. The QB will contribute 100 carries leaving about 100-110 carries for a freshman or freshmen. Team Totals: 550 carries for 3200 yds.
    TE-Lutz, Lutz and more Lutz. Sets the all time season record for receptions and yards for an Auburn TE. Fulse and Moseley have token appearances.
    H-Back-Smith and Kitchens. Smith continues to play a critical role in the run game and catches passes equal to 2009 totals
    Kitchens begins to emerge as a serious receiver. Some safety will get blown up by him and make the "ESPN play of the day"
    WR- Blake and Reed will be the starters. Goodwin, Carr, Benton, Coates, Bray, and Frost compete for playing time. Denson gets a red shirt and Stallworth/Louis better be fully healed and need surface fast in the Spring or they may never see significant playing time.