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Next Year's Offense-Part 1 "The Scheme"

  • With the departure of Cam, next year's offense will revert back to a more traditional Gus Malzhan offense where the number of passing plays will almost equal running plays. Way more passing yards than rushing yards. The QB will run the ball a lot less, with tailbacks getting the ball a vast majority of runs. With Trotter's injury history and not nearly Cam's running skills, very few called QB runs.
    Vertical passing will still play a part, but less emphasis on the long to develop intermediate routes. The OL will be young, inexperienced, but talented. Until they develop pass protection skills, the short passing game will dominate with the occasional bomb to stretch the field. With Blake, Reed, Bray, Lutz, Kitchens,Frost and friends--lots of targets to complete short passes and depend on yards after the catch. Carr, Goodwin, Coates and friends to stretch the field.
    Tailbacks will get more rushes in 2011 than we had this past year, even though total rushing attempts will go down. Dyer will get more carries due to fact that he will be first string the entire year. I expect OM to have about the same number of carries. His size just won't let him carry the ball 200 times in a season. That means that we will need a third tailback to get 100-200 carries. One of the incoming freshman will fill that role and a second incoming freshman RB may have a significant role if there is any major RB injury.
    Part 2- "The Players"