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My oft wondered questions...

  • PM posted his oft asked questions, so I was moved to post my own oft wondered questions...

    Yesterday, Chiz announced that Moseley is to be the starting QB. Even though CM under-threw one WR who was wide open for a possible TD, and missed others who were wide open… especially in the end zone. So, the question is… what is wrong with the freshman QB… besides being a freshman???

    Others, even NFL teams, play freshmen QB's and they seem to do well. So, is Chiz just different… freshmen can only do a few wildcat runs? Or, is AU's freshman QB not capable of throwing the oblong ball?

    I wondered the same thing last year… why did Malzahn or Chiz not allow Frazier to do anything but 12 wildcat runs… OK… also ONE (1) throw? Was it because he would have done like he has this year? Did they see he was not what they thought he was coming out of HS?

    So, are we just stuck with the weak-armed CM for the rest of the year? Is Frazier really injured as Chiz says… or is he just finished as Chiz won't say? And, is our freshman like Frazier… at least in throwing the ball. He definitely has more quickness than KF.

    But, if AU is supposed to be a running team… running in the Power I… as Chiz demanded… then why wouldn't the freshman QB's legs benefit that offense? OK… they seemed to have abandoned the Power I down-hill running game. But, why? It did fairly well against Clemson. But, now... what is the AU offense's scheme... or identity? I can't put my finger on it!

    And, on passing… can the freshman do any worse that the other two? KF threw eight (8) interceptions in 4 games. CM has thrown three (3) already in just 2 games. Wow… and Chiz always says his starting QB has looked good in practice on game week! Does he know what he's looking at?

    And, lastly… why has AU abandoned the Power I? And, only using the All-American FB sparingly?!? Has Chiz meddled into the OC's business one too many times? As he did last year… making GM quit using the no-huddle-hurry-up offense? So much so that GM took a pay cut to go to a minor league team? And we know he meddled in the DC's business last year... OK... for the past 3 years!

    So, is Chiz just not HC material??? Does he need to go back to be a DC?

    That's my questions... maybe y'all can give some answers. We know Chiz won't!

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  • One response answers all of your questions.

    Gene Chizik is a bad head coach. He is stubborn, controlling, arrogant, oblivious and unwavering In his stance despite the obvious mistakes he continues to make. He refuses to change any of the things he has done and or the decisions that he has made that squarely put us right where we are. Most of us saw this coming last year - some were willing to admit it and others, like myself, wouldn't. Hindsight is always 20/20 and we now have a full unobstructed view of what kind of head coach Gene Chizik is, and it's not good.

  • jbt...You have nailed the issue squarely on the head. He is not the man to run our football program any longer. I hope others will read your comments carefully and completely. I, for one, hope those with the power to correct this mess will open their eyes to this and decide to act and not put off. The term "...wait until next year..." has resurfaced again and it scares me greatly. Knife-edge decision making and decisive action is not a strong suit of the AD and others at Auburn.

    Folks, this is not meant or felt as any attack on Gene Chizik the man or the DC. He is not HC'ing material with any promise at AU. If the AD and PTB won't act and stop the bleeding--and throwing millions of dollars around like nothing--our program future is not bright.

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