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Money from BCS

  • How much money does AU get from last night's game? Did the SEC get double the money we usually get for having 2 teams in the game?

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  • Great question......bump

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  • Not sure exactly how much, but since the SEC usually has two teams in the BCS bowl games, I don't know that we really got any more than normal just because they were both in the championship game. Usually we have one in the title game and one in the Sugar Bowl. Those payouts are both $18 million I believe.

    As I understand bowl money distribution, I believe each take (from each SEC bowl) is broken down into 14 shares. The league gets one share, each of the other 11 members gets one share, and the team in that particular bowl gets two shares.

    For example, the payout on the Chick-fil-A bowl was roughly $2.9 million for the SEC school. So that would be $207k per share, which everyone (and the league office) getting that much, and Auburn getting $414,000.

    Looking at a quick list of payouts, it looks like the SEC took in about $59 million in bowl revenue. That would be $4.2 million per share (at 14 shares), plus the extra share of your particular bowl. So my uneducated guess on Auburn is that we probably took about $4.4 million in bowl money from the conference.

    That could be wrong, but I believe it was done that way at one time. I'm not sure if expenses factor into that as well or not.

    I do know that it's a common misconception that if a bowl pays $3 million then that means the team that plays in that game gets $3 million. I know some teams can actually lose money on playing in a bowl.

    For example, I know that a few years back it cost Ohio State more to go to the Rose Bowl than they actually made in doing so, leaving, technically, the athletic program in the red on that particular trip. The bowls milk you for everything, even making the school purchase the tickets for the band at full price, etc. Then you fly two airplanes full of 200 people, plus a team, put everyone up in a hotel for a week, etc. It's very, very expensive.

    What's funny is that the Ohio State athletic department lost money going, but the AD and head coach both made over $150,000 as a contract bonus for leading the team there. Ironic.

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