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Mark Richt and 10 Win Seasons

  • It's interesting to me when I see messages on this board from posters with their expectations of what Auburn must do, or else! "We expect 10 win seasons at minimum!"

    Go back and look at the records. In the entire history of Auburn football we have had back to back 10 win seasons only once, in 1988 and 89.

    That's why I'm flabbergasted when I hear ga fans grousing about getting rid of Mark Richt because "he can't win the big one". This year will be the 8th of the last 11 years he's won at least 10 games. Of course, he's never won 14 or had a perfect season or a NC. The closest he's gotten is 13-1 his 2nd year in 2002. No 12 win, 2 11 win and 4 10 win seasons. Don't know how this year turns out yet with 3 games left consisting of 1 probable win and 2 tossups.

    For reference: We've had 12 seasons winning at least 10 games in the 94 years that was possible - the number of years it was possible for AU to play 10 games.

    10 Win Seasons:
    Coach Jordan - 3/25 (1 perfect)
    Coach Barfield - 0/5
    Coach Dye - 4/12
    Coach Bowden - 2/6 (1 perfect)
    Coach Tuberville - 2/10 (1 perfect)
    Coach Chizik - 1/4 (1 perfect)
    Total - 12/83 possible seasons

    Auburn has had a total of 12 undefeated seasons; of those, 7 were perfect seasons + the '14 team had one tie but gave up 0 points in the entire season, the one tie was a 0-0 tie with ga in the last game of the season, so AU finished with a 8-0-1 record for the year.

    For those interested:
    Auburn played 9 games most years after 1913 and the Rose Bowl became an annual event in 1916
    10 game regular seasons started in 1930
    11 game regular seasons started in 1973
    12 game regular seasons started in 2002 (actually 2006 but we played 12 games in '02 and '03)
    The SECCG added another potential game starting in 1992

    So with bowl games,
    10 games were possible from 1916 to 1929
    11 games were possible from '30 to '72
    12 games were possible from '73 to '91
    13 games were possible from '92 to '01
    14 games have been possible from '02 to the present - except for '04 and '05

    There were also a number of years, mainly in the 80s where teams could play an extra game if they were invited to play in one of those special "kickoff the season" games or if they scheduled Hawaii, I think
    e.g. we played 13 games in '84 because we played Miami in the "Kickoff Classic"

    "Brick by brick, my citizens. Brick by brick"

  • Problem with looking at longer coaching histories is that there are more games played today than in the past. So getting to a 10 win season should be easier now than ever. So expecting 9-10 wins, minimum, every season is not that much of a stretch.

    "Alabama fans love Alabama football, Auburn fans love Auburn" -- Patrick Fain Dye

  • For a better perspective for all time, why not look at how many times they only lost one game... or two. Look at the losses instead of the wins.

    Like in '57 and '58 back-to-back seasons, we didn't lose any... one game was a tie in '58.

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  • In fairness to Coach Jordan, you had only 10 regular season games in his era and only bowl games. The expanded 12 game regular season has not been around very long. 10 wins are possible now with 4 losses if you play in the SEC Championship game. A 10 win season is the new 8 or 9 from the past.

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