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Looking ahead to '13 defense...

  • SDE - Will be interesting to see how this shakes out. I don't think Eguae and Sanders have the talent to be difference makers and it might mean Dee Ford will have to play this side. Of course it looks like a heck of an opportunity for one Mr. Carl Lawson. I can see him as a true frosh starter. I do think Owens will provide solid backup play. A wildcard could be Gimel President.

    WDE - if Lawson is smart and sticks with his first love this would allow us to get 2 studs on the field at the same time in Lawson and Ford. The two "young" guys Delaine and Harrell are basically unknowns that have burned thru eligibility. It's time to start shining and both have the athletic skills but that's only half the battle.

    DT - the same usual suspects but add redshirt Nero and juco Bradley to mix. Montravius Adams would get a long look if he signs with his first love. Blackson played better than it showed on the stat sheet as he drew double teams consistently but nobody else showed up besides Wright for half of the uat game. Sigler is the wildcard - tons of talent but stayed injured or in the doghouse too much last year. Lots of depth but need production.

    ILB - I'm grouping the two true LB positions together. Depth is not abundant and I really wonder where Kris Frost fits. He's played out in space enough that he could be a Talon but with his size and our lack of depth inside coupled with some 3-4 looks, does he stay inside. I feel good about Cassanova at one of the ILB spots and think he will really come on with a year of maturity. The other spot could be nailed down by Ruben Foster. That would give us size at linebacker we haven't had since the 80s. Not sure where Garrett and Mitchell fit in. Garrett could fit in at Talon but Mitchell has never played in space. If Foster spurns Auburn, Frost could be forced inside.

    Talon - by pedigree you'd think Frost would belong here but we haven't seen him play in space since he put on weight. Garrett might play here but i truly wonder if he can play in space. The true weapon at this position could be Therezie with his physical play yet ability to cover. Reminds me of Rohan Marley. A perfect fit could be Ryan Smith moving from safety - he's had to play in space and has played physical near the line of scrimmage.

    DB - grouping these altogether because its been such a cluster the past two years and I have a strong suspicion that some guys might get moved from corner to safety to get our best players on the field. I truly feel like our best two corners are Holsey and Davis and Holsey can be a star. At safety, Whitehead struggled some but should be better after a year on the field. Erique Florence is back but you have to wonder about his true coverage skills - would he be a better fit at Talon covering backs and TEs? Would that move Therezie back to safety? I can also see TJ Davis or Jonathon Jones at safety with their rangy frames. McNeal is back and could make a run at a starting job

  • good points, but with this coaching staff i think you are going to see some guys we thought were middle of roaders step up and be players, interested to see what this coaching staff can do in coaching these players up compared to what we've seen last couple of years. really feel like there are some hidden gems on our roster that have been all but forgotten which will shine under our new leadership

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  • Who are your hidden gems?

  • IMO Florence could be one with some coaching, same with McKenzie. think Bradley will thrive under Garner's coaching but you never know. with a new staff comes a new beginnning for these guys who have been in the doghouse ect. so you never know which ones will seize the opportunity

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  • Nice topic Nuja - my guess on Talon right now would be McNeal. The first half of the year, he was basically the only guy that you can say played with intensity on defense for every play, despite the mental games Chizik was playing with him. The second half of the year, he forgot how to tackle along with the rest of the team. I think the new S&C program will rebuild his intensity and confidence and we'll see him as a great player in space next season.

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