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Let's Get Serious About a New Coach

  • Where is Bobby Lowder when we need him. A lot of folks could not wait to get him off the AU Board of Trustees, well I can tell you right now, if he was still there we would not have this mess with our football team. University of Alabama had a problem and their equivilant of Lowder, Paul Bryant, Jr. stepped in and provided leadership. Gave Mal Moore checkbook and sent him to get the best coach available, approached a coach not even on the market, not looking for a job, and hired Saben. Gave Saben authority to run program without interference, look what they have now. Hope Auburn will get serious, not lower standards, take lesson from Bama and get off checkbook and get the best out there. That is the only way we will ever compete with Bama again. Afraid that current Auburn President, with experience at University of New Mexico, University of Houston, Wyoming, etc. is not really connected to football program, if he is running ship, it could be the Titanic again.

  • Up to the the time CGC screwed with the GM offense Auburn was an eyelash from beating the 2009 National Champion Bama at home and the 2010 National Champions beat Bama in Tuscaloser. So why do you think Auburn needs to chase a $5 million dollar loser. Sumlin and Freeze have very little head coaching experience and they are doing pretty damn well at their new locations. Oh and by the way their offenses have outscored Auburn by 63 points and another just beat Bama.

    Let's quit making our problem so freaking Complicated. Auburn needs Offensive production and a defensive coach with balls of steel. I don't care if we hire a great defensive minded head coach as long as he finds an OC who runs a fast downhill offense. However; Gus will fill the bill for offense and if allowed will spare no expense to hire a DC who does not wimper at an offense that puts up 40 plus points a game. I would offer T. Rocker $1million to be our DC if I had it of course.

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