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Jimbo and Tuberville

  • Almost every time a Petrino alternative is brought up, Jimbo Fisher's name is #1 or #2 on the list. So I thought I'd do a little research real quick just to put some numbers to what I felt about his job so far at FSU.

    For me, I would mostly like the idea of Jimbo at Auburn. I feel like he's somewhat unique in that he has the Auburn ties, but is also someone that wouldn't necessarily be looked at as being hired strictly because of those ties. So I'd be interested in seeing what he could do here...especially if his staff can continue to recruit the way they have been.

    But my overall feeling of his job so far at FSU has been underwhelming. I know a lot of folks here were glad to see Tuberville go because they thought he was an 8 to 9 win coach who would only occasionally put together a great season. And many were frustrated that he seemed to lose games he was supposed to win. But at the same time, he sure did have a knack for winning big games and beating the best competition more often than not.

    To me, Jimbo seems to have the same issue with losing games FSU has no business losing. But unfortunately, he doesn't have that "but" that Tuberville had with winning big games ("Tuberville lost some games he shouldn't have lost, BUT he sure did take it to the best teams most of the time"). So far, Jimbo's teams have lost games they shouldn't lose AND have lost most of the games against their best competition as well. That's a combo that can still notch you 10 wins in the ACC, but it could mean 7-6 in the SEC.

    2010 - 10-4 - Preseason #20, finished #17
    Good overall record at 10-4, but they are in the ACC, so you have to look at the 10 wins and the 4 losses a little closer. They were 3-4 against teams with at least 8 wins.
    - They lost to #6 Oklahoma, #25 NC State, #16 Virginia Tech, and unranked North Carolina.
    - The signature wins were #22 South Carolina and #23 Maryland.
    So they beat two decent teams, but lost to everyone else that was decent or better, as well as a UNC team that should have been 7-6 had FSU beaten them.

    2011 - 9-4 - Preseason #6, finished #23
    Again, decent record. And to be fair, they faced some injury issues at times. But again, you see the same trend....2-3 vs teams with a winning record, plus a loss to 6-7 Wake Forest.
    - They lost to #16 Oklahoma, #22 Clemson, 8-5 Virginia, and 6-7 Wake Forest.
    - The signature wins were 8-5 NC State and 8-5 Notre Dame.
    So they beat two 8-win teams, but lost to anyone else with a winning record, plus Wake.

    2012 - 7-1 - Preseason #7, currently #11
    Great record at 7-1....problem is, there is no reason they shouldn't be 8-0 and still #3 in the nation.
    - They lost to unranked NC State.
    - The signature win is Clemson.
    There is no reason they should lose another game until they play Florida.

    So far, with significantly superior talent in most cases, Jimbo's FSU teams have gone 3-5 against ranked teams, and 5-7 against teams with at least 8 wins. He is 16-1 against teams with at least 6 losses....but 5-6 against teams with 4 or fewer losses.

    Anyway, like I said, I think I'd feel alright about having Jimbo, but I don't know that I could get really excited about it. I just feel like they could have done more with their SEC players in the ACC. They haven't done well against the decent teams, and have also thrown in a few "what?!?!" losses along the way too.

    For FSU, that means 2, 3, or 4 losses in the ACC...but it could mean 4, 5, or 6 losses in the SEC, where the "decent-or-better" competition is something you face far more often.

    Just some thoughts.

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  • Honestly we need one of the top 5 coaches in the country to compete in our league. A top 20 coach just want do. Let's go get a five star coach.

  • Thank you for a little reason Jonathon. My thoughts exactly. Add that to the facts of when he was here before and it doesn't mesh. Bringing Rick Trickett alone would be a deal killer. I lived in Ricks neighborhood and he thought he was an army ranger, Navy seal, ultimate badass all wrapped into one. He constantly rode his Harley up and down our quite neighborhood. These were the small probs of Trickett. I don't want to get into his coaching abilities and philosophies.

  • Who?

    Fisher is 1B on my list.

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  • I don't understand the lack of patience for Jimbo. I actually prefer Petrino, but he seems to get a pass for his first year meanwhile Jimbo should have been winning from the very beginning?

    Of course he wasn't perfect his first 2 years. I'm not sure why that would surprise or concern anyone. All that research you did but you failed to post what FSU did in the 4 years prior.

    7-6, 7-6, 9-4, 7-6

    They were not a good football team when he took over. He managed to scrounge together a 10 win and 9 win season. You're right that when you look closer its not as impressive, but they were rebuilding! 19 wins IS impressive when you're rebuilding.

    Finally that brings us to this year. He's got mostly his own players in there. He's made the transition. And they are probably going to win 11-12 games and finish near the top in the country in every statistical category and go to a BCS bowl. Yes they lost to NC State. Its one loss. It happens. They've wrecked people in all their other games and have dominated that conference. I don't understand why people focus on poking holes in his first 2 years and mostly ignore what he's done in this, his 3rd year. This is the year that really reflects what kind of coach and recruiter he is. And the results are pretty impressive.

  • nice piece. when you break it down like that Jimbo doesnt seem to be as much of a homerun hire. At this point, I'm torn with my decision on who we should have as our #1 target. thanks for offering food for thought wde!

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  • Jimbo does not excite me - I can't remember the details but there was something about him being at Auburn that wasn't a great feeling....

    I have heard rumors that Patterson did not interview well previously at Auburn and, after reading more about the good ol' boys and JJ's place in the clique, I think I know why. But, look at the coach's resume:

    I have no idea how to make a comparison to the SEC but this looks good to me.

    I do NOT want Petrino. There's a myriad of reasons but it boils down to these for me:
    1) whether 'Momma' would allow him in her house let alone in charge of her son. You can be d#mn sure other schools will pound the character issues.
    2) Longest tenure? What 2 years or 3? It's all about Bobby. I am afraid Auburn would be looking for a coach again by 2015.

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  • You can go thru anybody's numbers and make this same argument. Look at Saban at Michigan State.....any coach until some breakthrough year. Teams will lose from time to time regardless of who their coach is. When a 9 or 10 win record on a consistent basis is underperforming, its time to give up trying.

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  • Player Development -- Jimbo >>>>>>CGC
    Recruiting -------- Jimbo >>CGC
    Character ----- Jimbo >>>>>>>>>CGC
    Team player---- Jimbo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>CGC

    Coach Jimbo will be an upgrade to CGC..It is like divorcing Snooki to hookup with Halle berry....

  • good analysis and factual, but FSU had diminshed under Bowden in his last few years, with lots of talent shifting to SEC teams insead of FSU. UF, LSU, uga, uat, and AU all raided their territory, along with USF. FSU was really thin at OL. I think he has done well to get them back to this point in the time he has.....I would consider him in the top 5 guys for AU right now......The interesting issue is that most of his staff has direct relationship history at AU, so not sure how that would play.

  • auman365

    The point being AU9377......He plays in the ACC and in most years, he faces very few ranked teams each year. If he can't perform at a high level in the ACC which may result in roughly 3-4 decent teams throughout any given season, how will he fair in the SEC? It's not debatable whether the SEC or ACC has more talent. That argument was won years ago.

    He recruits and is located in FL. This means he almost always has superior talent then the team across the ball. If he doesn't, it means he doesn't evaluate well. It has been his team for three years now and based on the fact he didn't get plugged into the team after suddenly being hired(he was coach in waiting), it's his talent on the field 100% right now. If your FSU, you don't lose to NC State on any day. That's the equivalent of losing to a decent KY team. Sure, they can give you a game every couple years, but better teams show up in the fourth quarter. Jimbo hasn't fielded that kind of team yet.

    Think he is someone to talk about, probably not the home run Auburn has the ability to hire.

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  • Unbelievable.

    He IS "performing at a high level in the ACC". Do you not watch football? Have you not seen what they are doing this year? He lost one freaking game.

    I've asked this in every single anti-Petrino anti-Jimbo thread. If its not them, then who IS the "home run Auburn has the ability to hire". Please name names.

    I can almost guarantee I won't get a resonse to this, as I haven't yet.

  • Looking around right now to find anyone who can consistently compete with Saban every year is kind of depressing to say the least. The only coach who even comes to mind is Pete Carroll. I'm not saying don't try to find the best guy, but Fisher, Brown, Kelly, Stoops, Meyer, Spurrier, Miles, Petrino, Kiffen etc can't do it. The gap between Bama and each of these programs is actually widening (including next season). The only program making up some ground may be Muschamp and the Gators.

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    Auburn from day one.

  • Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say he's been a giant failure, not even close....but the record against the better teams they've faced just isn't good....and they have SEC talent there, and have since the day he took over. They just have such an advantage in that conference.

    The other thing is that yeah, it's his third year as head coach, but it's not like he and a brand new staff walked in, cleaned house, and took over and started from scratch. Almost all of that staff has been there 5 years, and a few have been there longer.

    Again, if we hire him, I won't be disappointed and will be on board from day one. I'm just saying that it doesn't get me real excited...that's all. But getting "excited" isn't what it's all about in the long run. It's about winning. I'd be more than willing to get behind him and see what he'd do here.

    We'll see about this year. Maybe they live up to expectations and win 11 or 12 games like you suggest. Maybe they beat Florida. Maybe they win a BCS bowl. All of that would be awesome and would say he's doing what should be done with the situation at FSU (SEC talent in the ACC). Even if we don't get him, I hope he does all that....seems like a good guy.

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  • wareagle28mg

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  • I think some of it comes from last year when they started #6 but finished 8-4 in the regular season. That just felt like a giant let-down when you consider the hype to start that year. Then this year they come in with more hype, and drop one out of the blue to NC State.

    I think it's just those few things that give people on the outside that feeling that there has been disappointment in regards to expectations. Fair or not, that has been the impression.

    However, as you said, they could still go on to win 11 or 12 games this year. No matter what conference, if you get through 13 or 14 games and have lost only 1 or 2, you did pretty darn well.

    And again, like I said, I would be happy with that hire. Phillip added a good point would be pretty impressive if Auburn were to hire away FSU's coach.

    I see he makes $2.75 right now, which is pretty decent. I wonder what we'd have to go to to make it worth-while for him to walk away from his cushy gig in the ACC. They current FSU staff (including Jimbo) best I can tell, makes $5,500,000. Our current staff makes about $7,250,000. That's a pretty significant gap. It's pretty much all in the head coach and coordinators (Auburn's three are at $4.85 million and FSU's are at $3.35 million).

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  • Double B

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