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Jacobs is living on borrowed time

  • While it appears that Jacobs will survive, don't make the mistake of thinking he isn't seriously weakened. This search is going to have to go well and we will have to land a strong coach or Jacobs will be further weakened. You never can rule out a turnaround in public confidence if Auburn football makes a strong turnaround, but the odds are that Jacobs might survive in the short run, but it will be tough for him to survive in the long run. When 80+ percent have lost confidence, you're on thin ice.

  • You know, I don't support a genuine "lynch mob," but I was offended by Ed Richardson's characterization of the fan base as such. This isn't 2008, where bad staff chemistry and suspect QB play doomed a team that was still competitive in all but a few games (the Alabama game is the only time I remember them getting whipped, and even that was 10-0 at halftime).

    There is no better example of a program -- not just a single-season team -- coming off the tracks in a spectacular way. So when you lose 80 percent + for that reason, it's time to go.

    Let's make a political analogy. There is a lot wrong with politics and our campaigns, but, on balance, most folks agree there is a long-view collective wisdom to our system and our electorate. What would happen to a first-term president or governor with approval ratings in the teens? Uh, you think his or her party would even let that incumbent run again? Would the incumbent even try? See Lyndon Johnson, 1968 for your answer.

    Not a perfect analogy, and it's a good thing that our university presidents and athletics directors aren't subject to public votes. But, again, we aren't talking about hand-wringing over a bad luck season. This has long-term consequences. He has to go.

  • I see it to be a situation like Texas A&M last year. Bill Byrne stayed through a couching search primarily in a advisory role and selected Kevin Sumlin. From things I have heard, JJ will only be advising in this search, and is on very limited shaky ground.

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