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If I Were Chizik

  • and I knew the issues were lack of desire, effort and "heart" and PT issues (I don't have any idea if that is really the case, just what I keep reading on this board) I'd do 3 things immediately:

    1) Starting on Sunday morning we'd be in full pads 1s against 1s, blocking drills, tackling drills, full speed and every day the same thing until I found out who really wants to play. By the time we got to Nashville the players would think that a real game was a vacation. If we lost to vandy, we'd start it again the next day, through to Thursday of the next week. Keep churning til I found out who has real "heart". Probably would lose some players who would quit or because of injury. At this point what is my highest priority? If you guys are all correct and the staff has lost the players, it couldn't hurt us any more than what's going on right now.

    2) Find a few professionals I know and trust who are experts in today's college offenses, to objectively evaluate the field, drill down, and develop a very short list identifying the best person I can get for the OC position as soon as the season is over. Get the support needed and be ready to provide whatever he needs in terms of salary, assistants, control and whatever other issues there are to make sure we get him on board. If he wants to keep any or all of the current offensive assistants that would be his call.

    3) Build on that 2nd quarter Saturday. Keep grinding to improve execution. Give JW a serious chance to run the offense. Get him ready to play and give him a quarter to see what he can do in a real game. At this point it's worth the risk to see what he can do.

    I know I can't keep running this team as it now stands out onto the field every saturday, without at least trying some extreme measures. If, by the end of the season we have 40 or 50 guys willing to sacrifice their bodies on every snap of every game, I've got a foundation to build on in the spring and summer.

    One more thing, we've obviously made some serious recruiting mistakes in the past several years. Finding out what we are doing wrong and getting that fixed and back on the right track must also be done immediately.

    Obviously, I'm no coach and don't have a clue what I'm talking about. The act of writing this is therapeutic for me, so, I enjoyed it. Kinda like chopping wood or digging a ditch, both of which I've done in my past for a paycheck.

    "Brick by brick, my citizens. Brick by brick"

  • It's just too late for this staff at this point. Plus what you have wrote in your first topic, should have been done back in the spring and summer. After classes start they can only practice twenty hours a week.
    War Eagle

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  • I agree, but you can't just continue to go through the game week schedule as if everything is normal. I'd rather go down swinging than just accepting what everyone seems to think is the foregone conclusion about the rest of this season and go quietly into the night. If I'm in charge (my premise) I'm taking drastic action because drastic action is required. People keep talking about the recruiting class, if I was a recruit, Auburn is struggling with the season and the coaches are not doing anything out of the ordinary, I would have serious questions about their intelligence and determination to succeed. I want to be part of a team that never gives up no matter what, not a group of people that check out when things get really tough. Real competitors don't quit when things are bleak. They work harder and search for ways to turn things around.

    "Brick by brick, my citizens. Brick by brick"

  • Hate me for this but saban is in total agreement with you. He has developed the attitude of hating to lose to the point that even a close win is unacceptable. One of his players told me last year that regardless of the score, if he thinks you let-up even minimally at the end of the game he has a full-blown seizure on you. Even the third string guys have completely bought into this thought process.
    Like it or hate it, look at the results.

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