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Here's what I love about Coach Chizik

  • Amongst all the season turmoils, the rumors of too much intermeddling, the lack of control, the bad team chemistry- for better or worse, Coach Chizik ALWAYS talks about AU as if it is the premier program in college football. Watching AU everyday gives me goose bumps. No matter our record or current trend, hearing that man talk makes you think we own the world.

    Now obviously we don't right now. We are struggling and outside 2010, arguably we have struggled in people's eyes, since Chizik's been here. But I'll tell you, no single coach or man has promoted the AU brand better thanl Coach Chizik. No other person, that I know of, has consistently held AU in the utmost light through out. Granted, I know it's his job, so that makes it easier to say the good thing when your paid millions of dollars. But he presents US as the best program in America (hence the stud recruiting classes). For this alone, he has my support.

    We have long been of the mind set that we must compare/compete/equal ourselves against those across the state and southeast. Obviously that's the truth on the field, but in the minds of the fan, that's not a necessity. Chizik at least recognizes this, and will promote us as better than anyone.

    Not trying to blow skittles up his arse, and I have been as pissed as anyone at the lousy play this year, but listening to the man speak gives me the pride of AU that I have yearned for. For that alone I will follow him until he is done. Plus the NC doesn't hurt.