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Happy Thoughts at Christmas Time!!

  • I have been saying for some time that I just want to die with Auburn leading the Iron Bowl series - I am currenlty 46 years old. A little research to consider the possibilities of us taking the lead in the series.

    We are currently 6 games back, at 34-40-1 (.459). But consider this; prior to ‘The Bear’, we were 12-9-1 (.571). Since Bear, we are 16-12 (.571). That was no typo. We are currently at the EXACT same winning percentage over Bama before and after the Bear era. This leads to the obvious; The Bear kicked our butts for 25 years (6-19). He’s dead!

    What is the point of the above analysis? It gives me hope. Hope that my goal of dying with Auburn leading the series is possible. And wouldn’t it be sweet, to know that Auburn could do that without hanging all their glory on one single historical coach who has been dead for almost 30 years? Which leads to another one of my arguments that Bama is 1 coach away from being a mediocre program, but that discussion is for another time. I realize Saban is here for a while, and no doubt he is a good coach and good recruiter….BUT, he is now only 2-2 against Auburn (4-5, if you count his time at LSU). Also consider this; the game is now strictly played in Auburn and Tuscaloosa. No more Birmingham or Montgomery. Auburn leads the series in Auburn (7-3) and also leads the series in Tuscaloosa (7-1). Extrapolate that!

    WAR EAGLE - Happy Thoughts indeed!!!

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