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The place for Tiger fans to talk football, basketball and recruiting

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For those overreacting

  • I couldn't agree more with Phillip's earlier thread about everyone trying to act civil on these boards. We need to come together at a time like this and get behind the program. It does us no good to be so fractured. I know we've all been guilty the past two weeks of second guessing during these 3 games and wondering why we are struggling when we all think we shouldn't be.

    I've been a subscriber of this site for two years but rarely post any comments, mainly because of the few times I have I was jumped all over and called names for not posting often enough. I don't have time to post 3500 comments on the site, I wish I did. If you do, thats great, I am glad there is a place for such discussion about Auburn football which we all care so much about.

    For those calling for CGC head need to take a deep breath and need to understand that they need to give him until next year. And if a year from now we are having these same problems then its time to have that debate. But lets hope this team can turn things around and win some games the rest of this season and having something to build upon for next year. Just watch the video that was posted of Reuben Foster from last Friday's game and that will tell you about the hope that's coming.

    I think CBVG knows what he's doing and I trust him to turn this thing around. Wait until he gets his good LBs in there like he had at Georgia and it will be a different situation.

    Just a thought I had while reading some of these posts over lunch.

  • You can't out-reason an emotional fan. Believe me, I've tried. The best thing you can do is overwhelm the board with logic, instead of allowing the FIRE CHIZ posts to snowball.