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Bleacher Report catching the bias bug?

  • I signed up for 'Team Stream Newsletters' for Auburn. I got this little gem today: second article proclaiming "Dyer admits Rampant Drug Use, Connection to Robbery..." which, if you click on it, sends you to an article titled "Dyer says he smoked 'spice' at Auburn.' Nowhere in the article appear the words 'Rampant Drug Use.' Go to the BR website, go to Auburn news (, the same article link is offered, but with the much-subdued, more accurate header "Dyer Admits Drug Use, Robbery Connection.'

    Am I not supposed to be highly irritated by B/R taking liberties with this matter? Did I read this wrong? The implication of the title, the open-ended, highly inflammatory use of a gotcha headline containing 'admits rampant drug use' has me teeth-grinding mad. I can forgive and forget most Bammer fan comments linked to articles tainted with Bammer-Bias - water off a duck's back. When a supposed journalistic site pulls this crap... well, I'll do what I can. I dumped the app off my phone and I discontinued the teamstream e-mails. Like my refusal to listen to Finescum after he and his minions called Auburn's Athletic Dept. hostesses 'whores,’ I will partake of the B/R website no longer!


  • Miked1019

    Of late the BR website actually has a few good writers in Barrett and Michael. They have always been honest and Barrett Sallee definitely supported Cam through the whole situation! Of course both are new additions!

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  • Kind of sensationalist, I agree....but mostly I've found B/R to be a fairly balanced source of info. As the other poster, mentioned... I believe they were fair in their treatment of AU with Cam's situation and that will give them several passes when they try to make a little attention like this heading suggests.

    Frankly, I am a little troubled by the amount of kids who seem to have used this synthetic marijuana. I'm not holier than thou by any means. I smoked the real thing, during my time on the Plains but I wasn't an athlete down there. Seems like you ought to get one mulligan on this and then you're done.

    Maybe what's happened here will help clean that issue up. Make no mistake, this is a tragic waste of promising futures. But I really hope that people learn from these kids terrible mistakes.

  • OK, time to re-evaluate! Perhaps it was the bad day I was having; just hit me wrong. Lesson learned - check the contents before reacting to the headlines.

    Fair treatment of Cam certainly was lacking back in the day; that piece of feedback on B/R speaks volumes.

    Thanks for the lucid feedback mhtiger87 and Miked1019!