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Auburn message boards becoming unreadable

  • It is a really sad culture on week 3 of the season to be continuing to call for a coaches head when we are clearly in a rebuild year. What part of our personnel doesn't scream REBUILD YEAR to people?
    I'll start by listing a few things

    A sophomore quarterback who hasn't participated in a real passing game in two years while having to completely re=learn how to play his position with a new coordinator limited in play calling by said players development and spread offense personnel
    Sophomore spread style running backs outside of our speed guy who weighs 170 lbs
    2 Freshman Starters at Tackle and a sophomore center

    Another point to measure is looking at the Wr core...
    Outside of Blake, we have no upperclassman that provide any quality depth whatsoever. Benton has been problematic off the field and a let down. Stallworth was recruited to play the Tony Franklin offense and doesn't figure to be a difference maker and doesn't block well on the outside which has cost us several large gains on offense.
    Then we have a plethora of freshman and sophomores who we are counting on who look to be turning the corner. The emergence of Coates yesterday along with Quan Bray has been encouraging for the future.

    Same thing for the D.

    I think the way you have to measure coach Chizik is when his team is made up of mostly upperclassmen starters with talented younger guys sprinkled in. Unfortunately, being in the league we are in with the recruiting competition we have and the lack of coaching turn over from those who we closely recruit against makes it take a little longer. Like it or not this is basically a JV version of what we will be. Getting your butt kicked my MS State hurt and it sucks but when things go bad for young Qbs they go bad.

    I don't know if anyone remembers how Jason Campbell was a deer in the headlights his soph year but he was terrible.

    We are still rebuilding and all this constant whining is really embarrassing for Auburn


    Of course I agree 100%. The problem when it comes to message boards in general is that people are so wrapped up in the whole "I can say whatever I want " feeling that theyddon't stop to ask themselves if they SHOULD say whatever they want. There is a sense of power that comes from posting that we as posters don't have standing around the water cooler on Monday morning. And when we are free from people we know casting judgment on our declarations some of us allow that freedom to override the common sense that we all possess.

    Another thing that contributes to the mass of stupidity on most message boards is the sample of fans that are represented. For example AuGR knows me. I'm sure he wouldn't consider me an over the top fan. But to someone with only a passing interest in AU football would think I'm rabid. Remember that few casual fans are going to subscribe and read this or any other site.

    Finally, their is a misconception that the game we are scrutinizing is easy to understand. We break down our team like we are all knowing, all seeing, John Madden geniuses. There are very very few posters that have a real grasp of any one small part of the game, much less understanding of how all the small parts come together. This is where I remind all of you of the old PT Barnham quote " Its what the general public doesn't know that makes them the general public"

    As for the team this year...... there is not much to say that has not been covered by now. I suggest you take a little hint from me..... Bourbon + diet coke. Repeat as needed.

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    One more thing.......AuGR, before kickoff I suggest that you and I consume as much alcohol as is medically safe. The wives can entertain each other. Im talking about a biblical drunk. God knows we are gonna need it.

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  • we are slowly taking it back... keep the truth coming

  • The thing that alot of people have a hard time understanding is - why should we be having to rebuild after 4 years? Why cant you understand that?

    4 years by any measure is sufficent time to establish who and what you are. The idea that the present state of the program should not be questioned is nuts.

  • It is always a spike after a game and then it sort of come back to normal, then it will go to hell again.

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    Fearless and true.

  • Actually, Jason Campbell was very good his sophomore year. He started as Daniel Cobb's back-up (unbelievably), came off the bench down 16 against Florida on the road, led us back to what would've been a victory if Damon Duvall hadn't kicked a 20 yard field goal up the snapper's butt. Campbell took over as the starter, led us to victories over 2 top ten teams (Saban's LSU and UAT), and I believe had a 5-1 record as a starter that year. The only loss was that infuriating Georgia game where Horace Willis doesn't merely jump and knock down David Greene's 4th and 15 prayer to Michael Johnson. Georgia finished ranked 2nd or 3rd in the nation I believe. So your analogy is way off base.

    Here are Jason's stats, damn good his soph year:

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    The idea that the current state of the program should be questioned by you is nuts. Doesn't mean you can't do it. Just means you shouldn't. Open your eyes. First year starter at QB. Two frehmen starting at tackle. Only two senior leaders on offense.

    Does it matter why we are where we are or does it matter how we can fix it? And by the way we have established who we are. Maybe its not who we want to be but as of now it is exactly who we are. No one is saying we shouldn't gt better but it does no good to say "why should we have to rebuild". W are rebuilding. Its a fact. Why cant you understand that?

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  • I totally understand. It is because of leadership.

    Your turn.


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  • How about I try?

    It's because the foundation of a college football program is recruiting and Chizik inherited a program in a decline that clearly was going to have a gaping hole in 2011 and 2012 due to recruiting issues.

    In the mean time he resurrected an experienced roster to give us a national championship and has taken the edges off of the gap with exceptional recruiting classes. Last year his team won 8 games including a bowl game. I think the casual fan chronically fails to give Chizik the credit he deserves for that. But ya, Chizik has won three bowl games, an SEC championship and a National Championship in his first three years while largely making decisions that are best for the long term health of the Tiger program without taking any recruiting shortcuts according to an exhaustive NCAA investigation.

    People spending the Herculean effort it takes to type a post that required neither thought, any apparent burden to support an opinion, nor more than 30 seconds at best really seem to miss the forest for the trees IMHO.

    If Chizik were fired today he would be leaving behind a Tiger football program that is in much better shape than the one he inherited.

    But if one simply wants to vent and dig no deeper than empty platitudes while refusing to see any positive sign of progress or inertia, then I guess it's one's prerogative. But I'm mystified by why someone wants to be viagra for Shadow. it's frankly kind of disturbing on many levels.

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  • Agree.

    We won a national champ. less than 2 years ago. Those who are excessively negative are probably the same ones who thought KF should have started last year, Ex CTT should have been fired in 2003, or CGC should have not been hired. Seriously, get a life.

  • travelinmason

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    "Townes used to say that there's only two kinds of music: the blues and zippity-doo-dah, and this ain't zippity-doo-dah." -Steve Earle

  • They are the same type of people who might call sportscall a week after Auburn wins an SEC championship in order to complain about the punting game.


  • This is exactly where we should be with what CGC had coming in 4 years ago. He brought in an offense that allowed us to score points with inferior talent, because that's what we had, but knew to create a consistent winner we needed to be a pro-style team. The only misstep he has had to this point is that he didn't change Offensive philosophies directly after winning the NC Championship... but imagine the out-cry by us if he replaced Gus after he helped us win it all... Our talent is young and they are learning a pro style scheme on both sides of the ball. "There are no shortcuts". I'm pretty sure that every coach on our team has said this. The kids are learning and working hard and are/will get better.

    My question to everyone is, if it's really all about winning now, how can we even entertain the idea that we need a whole-sail change in the coaching staff? That would set us back at least another 3 years. We need to let the very capable and proven CBVG teach his defense how to play at a very high level. We need to let Lefty develop KF into the QB we all know he can be. In short, we need to support this team and be as positive as possible through what are essentially growing pains. This year, anything else would be inviting mediocrity for another 3 years.


  • Well said. There is no Shadow here. I have no hidden agenda or part of a dark and organized movement. What I am is an Auburn grad, class of 84, who can think for myself. Over my life I have been exposed to many situations that pull back the curtain on a mans character, and I know what leadership looks like and smells like. I have not, and will not rip our coaches or players for the effort they put forth. I dont think Coach Chiz should be let go at this time.

    Leadership, and the decisions made by those leaders matter. When things dont go well, questions are raised. So if you dont mind removing your boot from my throat, I think I will say what I damn well please.

  • The free subscriptions certainly help with the general negative tone of the board in my opinion. These people (what is their real allegiance?) are augmented with the vocal minority of Auburn fans (I hate to call them that) who are always negative and have wanted Chizik gone from day one. The ignore option has become my best friend. Reading Phillip's columns is one of the few bright points (along with the excellent recruiting information) of AUC.

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  • Dear Lord. A thread with intelligence! I feel like a thirsty man getting water.

    You grad, bro?

  • fmnstr

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    Orange and Blue like the Auburn sky, War Eagle till the day I die.

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  • That reminds me. When I coached high school football we would have guys come through the office (mostly parents) telling our head coach "you ought a run this play or that play". He would hand them a marker and say "draw that up against an even and an odd front. What if they are playing a bear defense with two 3-techniques and a nose. How do you block it then?" that ended that conversation. QUICK

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  • AUVTM all plans are a go Saturday sir

    In addition to my earlier post...

    You also have to consider where we are in year four against what we are up against in our conference and in recruiting. Instate, we recruit against a team that can win 3 out of the last four national championships this year for which the media constantly boats their accomplishments while minimizing ours. We have the toughest instate recruiting challenge in the country. W are bordered in recruiting by teams who are traditional powerhouse teams (top 10-20 programs) and traditionally dominate their instate recruiting. Georgia, Lsu, Tennessse, Florida, and etc...We usually got whipped by all these guys while Tubs was here are were left to our teams being made up of a few stars and mostly summer camp evaluation diamond in the rough types. Remember when we singed Blake Field and Calvin Booker at Qb? What about Jerald Watson at Rb? I don' care what anyone says, something in Tubs changed or things changed for us after we got jobbed in 2004 and didn't get to play USC. Because we started bringing in mid-level Sec talent and not top level SEC talent. If you look at the composition of talent on the 2004 team it is pretty incredible. But, there was some luck involved with unheralded guys coming in and turning into big time players. The degree our talent level had really been decimated to, following the Lee Ziemba class, was a shame. Then we kept losing all of our top guys to behavioral attrition. Guys like Christian Thompson etc. Then we depleted our roster of skill position talent via the Tony Franklin experiment. It takes time to get big time LBs and Dbs away from traditional powerhouses when we had been down and dominatted for a while. You want to have the wealth of talented depth of LSU and Alabama? Guess what? It takes time. Like it or not it takes a little longer at Auburn. Most kids in Alabama grow up Alabama fans. same for Georgia and LSU. These coaches have had to invest in relationship building with high school coaches and re-brand what it means to be Auburn. They have to evaluate young prospects and build relationships starting with team camps and etc with coaching staffs and high school freshman and sophomores. Recruiting starts so early now. And we have had our share of top guys come in... some are developing, some busted out, and some are really contributing but we don't yet have the full cycle of depth with regard talent and experience that makes a perennial top ten team. For us, the barometer is year 6 like it or not. What our coaches are doing with bringing in top talent is special but you don't win conference championships with sophomores.


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