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Auburn in BCS Bowl?

  • The SEC will struggle to fill its bowl slots this year. In fact, I'll predict the Birmingham Bowl will be looking elsewhere for a sub.

    Alabama will play for a national championship, that much is clear.

    Auburn could conceivably be 11-0 headed into the Alabama game. The Tigers will lose to the Tide but will be attractive enough for a BCS at-large bid, presumably the Sugar Bowl.

    The winner of Florida-South Carolina will go to the Capital One Bowl, the loser to the Outback.

    Arkansas, third best in the West, will head to the Cotton Bowl.

    The Chick-fil-A picks next and might chose optimistic Kentucky - if the Wildcats end their Tennessee nightmare - over disgruntled LSU to keep its string of sellouts alive.

    In that case, the Gator Bowl would pick LSU.

    Then it gets tricky.

    Georgia is 1-4 and has a tough road to 6-6. Ole Miss and Mississippi State are both 3-2 and one of them will be bowl eligible but not necessarily both.

    Then there's Tennessee, which will likely have to go 4-0 in November to get eligible.

    The Music City, Liberty and Birmingham bowls have SEC openings. The cards will have to fall just right for all three to get their team.

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  • Good post, Ron. Boy, it I could get that in writing at this minute, I'd sign! Only problem with your post is you quote "govolsxtra" as Auburn being the second best team in the SEC. Since UT folks can't seem to count to 11 (9, 10...13), I don't know how much weight that post carries. HA! War Damn Eagle everyone.

  • What if we lose to Arky but beat bama??? LOL... that'd be the way we'd play.

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    Seriously, don't take me too serious.