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AU versus W. Carolina

  • I see that Alabama stomped both W. Carolina and Auburn by the same score, 49-0, on consecutive weekends.

    The intriguing question is whether W. Carolina would beat us if they played each other?

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  • The good news for us is that we don't have to find out. I don't want to see this team on the field again until they have a leader they will play for again.


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    The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round.

  • Just checked the game stats - they are almost exactly the same.

    Both AU and WCU finished with 163 net yards of offense. WCU had one more offensive snap (48 to AU's 47).
    AU rushed 32 times for 92 net yards, WCU 28 for 70. The Catamounts out passed AU, going 8-20 for 93 yards and no INTs, compared to AU's 5-15 for 71 and 2 picks. Both teams lost a fumble, the big difference being that Bama returned theirs for a TDhe each offense earned 7 first downs from scrimmage, but WCU added one more by penalty. The Catamounts bested AU in one other department - they got into the red zone once, getting as far as the Bama 14 late in the 3rd before turning it over on downs. AU's deepest penetration was to the Tide 41 on the last possession of the 1st quarter. The Tigers never crossed midfield again.

    On the defensive side, AU fared a little worse, giving up 23 more yards (483-460), but that was on 17 more plays (69-52). Bama threw more against AU than WCU, going 15-22 for 216 yards and 4 TDs, while the Tide attempted only 12 passes against WCU, completing 8 for 160 yards and one score. Neither defense got an interception. Meanwhile, Bama's running game was more effective against the Catamounts, to the tune of 300 yards and 5 TDs on 40 attempts (7.5 ypa), while AU allowed only 267 yards and 3 scores on 47 rushes (5.7 ypa). Like on offense, both AU and WCU allowed the exact same number of first downs on plays from scrimmage (22); AU tacked 3 more on by penalty for a total of 25.

    There's more, naturally, but you get the idea. In fairness, it should be pointed out that Saban pulled his most of his starters earlier against WCU, midway through the 2nd period after going up 28-0, where the first team didn't rest until after the first posession of the 3rd yesterday, with the score already 49-0. So in that regard you can make the case that, despite the incredibly eerie similarity in stats and the identical final tally, AU gave the Tide a slightly tougher game overall.

    Of course it must also be mentioned that Western Carolina is one of the worst teams in the FCS, having gone 0-10 against Division I teams, their lone victory in their opener coming against Div II Mars Hill.

    So I think we could take 'em.

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