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AU basketball thoughts

  • Auburn is a football first school (duh), always has been always will be. But we will support our basketball team especially if they are competitive. Auburn is a very tough place to build a sustained winning basketball program. No real winning tradition and very fews NBA stars and it's been 10 years since our last tournement appearance. Tough to build on that.
    I believe Barbee is a good coach who can turn around the fortunes of AU basketball. But its going to take a few more seasons. Hopefully when it happens he will be inclined to stay here and build upon that success. He has a contract until 2017. I say give him the time required to turn around this program.
    Besides, if we do fire him, we will still have to pay him. Plus WHO would we try to get? WHO would come here? You can't build lasting success hiring a new coach and changing the program direction every 3-4 years.

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  • I'm not saying for it but I do believe he will be here for next season. I'm not at all sure he is the man for the job.

  • TheRealRanRob

    I would love to 100% agree with you. And I do on some of your points. But TB is really treading on thin ice with a ton of the fan base. His demostrative approach to caling out teh players kind of rubs some folks the wrong way.

    But how long is long enough? What makes a succesful season in this 'transition"? And this is a question I ask myself all the time. But are we that much more of a football school than Fla? FSU? OU? They have had as little success over the long run as we have... but they are relevant and Fla has won multiple Titles while being a Football School.

    But I do also agree with KOH- We may not all like it but TB will be the head basketball coach next year. What does he need to do in my mind to make it worth him staying longer than that? Show progress. And I dont think that can happen next year. Lose too many players for that to be a real idea. And while he can recruit..Can he develop that talent when it gets here? And can he keep it on campus?

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  • I made this post on another message board (sorry links don't work here) so thought I would share my thoughts here too.

    What must AU do to become a Top 25 program in basketball? We are not going to change the culture of AAU or drop UnderArmor. So under that premise we need to work the tools we do have. Here are my thoughts. Maybe some are naive or dumb I don't know. Others thoughts and ideas are welcome.

    1. Build relationships with high school and AAU coaches in Alabama and Georgia and develop pipelines. Help high school coaches build their programs. Alabama has no premier prep basketball programs that go out and challenge the nations best. Auburn coaches should help change that. We see the top state football programs drawing in better players and getting recruits better coaching and exposure. Basketball players would like to play on ESPNU and in national HS tourneys too.

    2. Start winning the commits of top in state players (see list below). Right now the best players are going to Bama or leaving the state. UA has 7 players on it's team from Alabama. Lucky for us they are not really developing some of them offensively the way they should have. There is a lot of great recruits coming up in the next two classes and they could be the core foundation of our rise. Our football team is hiring a lot of coaches to assist with building relationships with HS programs. Basketball could use that help too.

    Lamonte Turner
    Justin Coleman
    Isaac Haas
    William Lee
    Riley Norris
    Demetrius Houston
    Danjel Purifoy
    Ethan Stair
    Tommy Burton
    Lewis Sullivan

    3. Continue to take advantage of fertile recruiting grounds in Georgia.

    4. AU needs to really look at the path St Mary's took in building relationships with foreign prep powers. They get the best players from Australia and it has really paid off for them. UCONN has at least two German kids that are great players. There are kids out there outside the influence of AAU.

    5. Run a system that maximizes the strengths of AU players. AU is not going to out athlete the UK's and UF's. We need solid fundamentals and a team with high basketball IQ. Then when you do sprinkle in that one player with NBA potential you have a chance to make serious noise. Eventually the rich get richer and AU could build on that success.

    6. Funding. The basketball program will pay for itself. AU should be willing to spend the same type of money on recruiting budget, coaches and other needs as any top 25 program does. That could be happening now but if so I can't tell.

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  • AIO

    What this guy said.

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