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***A great example of recruiting twists and turns...

  • Thanks. Great example of how recruiting is a crapshoot. Have to imagine similar things happen much more often than we will ever know.

  • AU mac said... (original post)

    Seems like there are some funny happenings going on at LSU. I'm not one to start rumors or dive into them, but after reading that "Where There's Smoke" article and everything else, it really seems there are a lot of things stirring under the covers over there in Baton Rouge.

    I agree that things definitely seem a little odd at LSU these days. Their perfomance (esp. the offense's, perhaps more specifically the coaches') in the BCS championship was simply bizarre.

    Nevertheless, as it sort of relates to this situation, I recall one of our local Auburn Alumni Club meetings many years ago, where Wayne Hall made the point that recruiting is the single most overrated part of college football. In principal, I agree - there is such a HUGE leap from ANY high school program to college (esp. to an SEC school) that it's what the coaches do with them AFTER they arrive at Auburn that's important. These are 18 years olds making potentially career-altering decisions. 18 year olds are not experienced enough to necessarily make well-thought out decisions.

    Soooo...... having said all that, I agree with other posters - better someone with this potential doesn't enroll at one of our major rivals. :)

    Oh and, by the way, remember that a kid named Vincent Jackson was essentially recruited by only Auburn and bammer, and the brilliant bammer coaches told him he might play defense, or would probably not start at running back until maybe his JUNIOR year. Bo's quote re. that: "I was always an Alabama fan growing up, but when the Alabama recruiter told me I would probably not be able to play until the end of my sophomore year, or the beginning of my junior year. I said to him in a not so polite way—screw you."

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