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    J. Frank Dunkin

    The throaty throng did thrill the ear
    When once, a gridiron yesteryear
    Gave thee and me good cause to cheer
    “War Eagle” into the night.

    When eight were won and one was lost,
    The Tigers’ path day did cross
    A Tide who’d tag us one more loss.
    Ah, but it WOULD be a fight!

    Three quarters quelled by ‘Bama’s force –
    SIXTEEN TO ZIP (looked even worse),
    As once again the Crimson Curse
    Displayed its mighty might!

    Forget the grit of Auburn’s team –
    A glimpse of glory? (merely a dream)
    Victory that day would not be seen,
    Until… JETT stepped into the light.

    With fourth and five, his kick sailed through!
    Too late, it seemed, for the ‘Orange and Blue’
    To topple the Tide’s deep crimson hue
    From its exalted height.

    But Auburn held, would not abort,
    And when time was short, BLITZED the red fort
    With Newton and Langner from starboard and port -
    Ahhhh, ‘twas a pretty sight!

    The spiral was blocked by Newton’s storm,
    And ‘Bama was SHOCKED, their fans so alarmed,
    As it bounced from the turf into Langner’s arms!
    (But still, they knew no fright…)

    Now SIXTEEN TO TEN, with time running out!
    But the block of that punt gave rise to a shout,
    As Aubies sensed THAT PLAY had, no doubt,
    Set the scene JUST RIGHT!

    So ‘Bama received and TRIED to return.
    THRICE came the hike and THRICE they were spurned.
    So the down came again ‘ere BEFORE they were burned.
    (Would a replay seem trite?)

    Yet on fourth and nine, as ‘Bama aligned,
    With hearts in our throats – both yours and mine –
    Came Newton and Langner AGAIN to the line
    To BLOCK the punt from flight!

    Now, SIXTEEN APIECE, as the shadows of Legion
    Symbolically shaded the Elephant sections,
    And the quiet of the stands SHOUTED of tension
    As Beck… knelt… for the hike…

    Now, winners may come and winners may go,
    Though few find the fame of Jett’s golden toe,
    Except to say Newton and Langner…
    Although the WHOLE TEAM did all right!

    …Remember that day it wasn’t in the cards
    For ‘Bama to lose to the Auburn upstarts?
    Ahhh, but we can’t forget the glee in our hearts,
    When that pigskin was SPLITTING THE UPRIGHTS!

    © Copyright 1982 “A Gridiron Yesteryear” by J. Frank Dunkin

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  • that was great!!!

  • Thanks, Weegle... wrote that on a red eye flight from Miami to New York ten years after the actual game.