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A Fantasy (?) Conversation of Dec 2009

  • Cecil Newton: Coach Chizik, Cam and I like what we've seen here at Auburn.

    Gene Chizik: I'm pleased to hear that, Reverend Newton. But I'm not surprised. This is a special place.

    CN: I think it'd be a good place for Cam if the money is right.

    GC: You're right about it being a good place for Cam. Coach Malzahn is full of ideas, and Cam would do very well in our offense. But you need to know right away that no money is available. We don't do things that way at Auburn.

    CN: Coach, you surprise me. We've got one offer already, almost 200K.

    GC: Don't tell me any more, Preacher, about what you've been offered. But I'll say it would be foolish to risk Cam's reputation for a sum like that. If he realizes his potential, he'll think that's pocket change when he plays in the NFL. You need to concentrate on finding a welcoming environment for Cam, not on shopping him and ruining his reputation. I understand he's got some negative history at Florida, and I'm afraid he might not fit into our chemistry here anyhow.

    CN: What? You'd turn down a stud like Cam because of your "team chemistry"?

    GC: Sure I would. We're going to compete for the SEC championship next season, with or without Cam Newton. Now, I've got to visit with some other recruits and families. Maybe I'll see you later.

    CN: Coach, please let me have a little more of your time. You run a tight ship, and being on it might do Cam a world of good. I'm basically uncomfortable about the money anyhow.

    GC: I just don't know, Reverend. We'll see.