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What they said: Texas A&M

Coach Kevin Sumlin, defensive coordinator Mark Snyder and several Texas A&M players talk about Auburn’s 45-41 win over the 7th-ranked Aggies Saturday afternoon at Kyle Field.

Marshall had a big game against the Aggies/Todd Van Emst photo


Noteworthy: Texas A&M has scored a school-record 40 or more points in 10 straight games.

On Auburn’s Offense...

“They lead the league in rushing coming into this game, you could see that. We made some adjustments at halftime and obviously had some success defensively in the third quarter. Obviously there towards the end we had some breakdowns I have to look at the video to tell you exactly what was going on, but they’re able to drive the ball and they made plays at the end when they had to make them and we didn’t. We faked the field goal there and get the first down and still only come away with only three points instead of a touchdown right there at the start of the fourth quarter. That ended up being a pretty critical situation for us.”

On Auburn’s rushing offense...

“They were multiple on their attack in the first part of the game, it was more of a power scheme, in the second half it was more of a read option, quarterback read situation. So they got to the perimeter a couple times and had some big plays, certainly down inside, some of zone principles, they were getting four or five at a clip. It wasn’t a situation where they were busting big long runs, it was that we just couldn’t get off the field. I sit up here every week when we win or lose I talk about really two areas, third downs and turnover margin, of which we didn’t win either one of them tonight, and that’s why they won the game.”

On Johnny Manziel coming back in to play...

“He came back in and played. I don’t know how to measure pain. He didn’t say anything to me, he just said that he was ready to go. We were able to move the ball, I don’t think that was the case. We had a breakdown in protection a couple of times in the second half, which that’s not his fault.”


Noteworthy: Auburn had 615 total yards including 379 rushing against the Aggie defense.

On third down defense...

“We felt like we got them to third-and-long but third-and-medium would be our downfall. That is very frustrating. I give Auburn a lot of credit. They came out and played their hearts and souls out. They were just better than us offensively than we were defensively.”

On defending against the run...

“Towards the end of the game they put their big-boy pads on and we couldn’t slow them down. Any time you can grind the clock like that and take the game is tough. I felt like that is what they did. They took the game and the clock from us. We couldn’t get off the field. We were humming there a little bit there with several three-and-outs. I felt like we were staying fresh. I give those guys credit. They blocked us and blocked us very well. We had a stretch where we felt like we were comfortable with the game. I thought we were playing pretty well. When they had to move the football and when they had to move the chains, they did. Good defense doesn’t allow that to happen. When you score 41 points you should win. End of story.”


Noteworthy: Obioha had one of the Aggies two sacks against Auburn Saturday.

On coming up short...

“Two emotional games in a row; that’s what we expect in the SEC. We got the best of Ole Miss last week and this week Auburn got the better of us. I have to hand it to them, they’re a great team and they got the better of us today.”

On Nick Marshall...

“We practiced for him because we knew what we were facing with Nick Marshall. We knew he was a guy with sub 4.5 speed so we knew he’d be a great running threat but he could also pass the ball. He’s a great athlete and we couldn’t contain him. I have to tip my hat to him.”

On Auburn’s running game...

“Auburn uses their quarterback in a great way because they know how athletic he is. To play them you have to have good eye control and discipline. Auburn was able to run the ball effectively and they called great plays.”


Noteworthy: Texas A&M rushed for 133 yards against Auburn.

On Auburn’s defensive line...

“They were good. I’d rate them as one of the best. They came, they played hard, so good for them.”


Noteworthy: Kennedy had five catches for 33 yards against the Tigers.

On Johnny’s return after injury...

“There was no change in his demeanor. He’s the same player no matter what he goes through. You saw what happened at Ole Miss after he hurt his knee. It gives him that drive, that chip on his shoulder. He comes back stronger. Johnny is superman out there. I heard him talking to coaches and trainers saying ‘I gotta go in, I gotta play.’ That’s just his spirit, and to see him be a leader like that and play through pain, it motivates us as a team to play harder.”

On offense’s mindset before the final drive...

“We’ve faced that situation and come out on top many times. If you leave us time on the clock, we know we can get down there fast and put it in, so we weren’t worried about that.”

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