What they said: Offense


Mario Fannin gained 89 yards on 10 carries/AuburnUndercover.com staff

Notworthy: Back at full-speed after a shoulder injury, rushed 10 times for 89 yards. He had carried just nine times in the previous four games.

On feeling quicker and more confident: "Yeah, I definitely did. Just getting back out there and not worrying about my shoulder felt great, having fun again."

On getting back in tyhe tailback picture: "That’s what I’m working hard to try to do. I’m getting the coaches’ trust again. Hopefully, it will work out for the best."

[B]QB [tag linked="true" key="18083" url="http://247Sports.com/Recruit/Cam-Newton-2495"]CAM NEWTON[/tag][/B]

[B[Noteworthy:[/b] Only carry was on a sack. Completed 14-of-19 passes for 245 yards and three touchdowns.

On not running the ball: "That was the gameplan going in. I didn’t think I needed to run. That’s what we have running backs for. I just kind of stood back and enjoyed watching the show. They did an excellent job, and my hat goes off to them."

On record-breaking 94-yard pass to Emory Blake: "It’s a read we went into the game with. I didn’t have a lot of options there, but we knew what their tendencies were. We just executed the play. They are a blitzing team. That was the most perfect play you could call. The safeties were up close to the line expecting me to run."


Noteworthy: Offense gained 505 yards and scored seven touchdowns.

On Newton not running: "We were going to do whatever we had to do to win the game. It’s good that his body won’t be banged up."

On whether offense took a step forward: "I think so. There was a stretch – the last drive before halftime and the first drive of the third quarter – but there were a lot of good things out there. Mario got a lot of carries. I was proud of Mario. We are going to need him down the stretch."

On opening up a big lead early

"It really was (encouraging). We got off to a fast start, made some plays early. Overall, it was a solid day. We’re 5-0."


Noteworthy: Caught two paces for 101 yards. Caught a 94-yard TD pass from Newton, the longest play from scrimmage in Auburn history.

On the record-breaking pass: "We talked about it earlier. We thought if we were deep back in our own zone we could run that play. They were really expecting the speed sweep. They bit on it hard, and there was no one there."

On his increasing role in the offense: "I’m just here to help the team. As long as I can keep doing that, I’m happy."


Noteworthy: Ran 50 yards for a touchdown on the second play from scrimmage and had four carries for 62 yards.

On his touchdown run: It was awesome. The offensive line did their job and everybody did their blocking assignments. It ended up being a nice run."


On offensive line's performance: "A couple of weeks ago we got challenged, and now it feels like we have a challenge every week, no matter what. We have a challenge to come out and play just as we did against South Carolina."

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