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What they said: Auburn

AUBURN, Ala. -- Coach Gus Malzahn and players talk about Auburn’s 62-3 win over Western Carolina on Saturday afternoon at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Mason rushed for 100 yards and two touchdowns on Saturday.


Noteworthy: Auburn accounted for 617 yards of offense, which is a new school record.

On school record for total offense..

“I’m proud of our team,” Malzahn said. “Our line did a good job up front. Our backs broke some tackles. We had some explosive plays in the passing game and we’ve talked about that for the past two weeks. We talked about being more balanced, so I’m proud of our offense.”

On the run game..

“It was a really good thing,” Malzahn said. “We are a run play-action team and any time we run the football effectively, it opens everything else up. I thought our line did an outstanding job and I thought our running backs broke some tackles.”

On playing so many different guys..

“Well I think it’s really good,” Malzahn said. “It gives you more depth and we’ve played a lot of guys any way this year. Any time they get more experience, it does nothing but help you.”

On Patrick Miller and Brandon Fulse..

“Neither one of those guys played," Malzahn said. "They had some off the field things that they need to take care of.”

On Texas A&M..

“All I can say is we have gotten better each week and that’s been the name of the game throughout the season,” Malzahn said. “I like where our team’s at now and I like the fact of us getting better.”

On the season overall..

“I’m proud of our team through the halfway point of the season. I felt like we have done some good things. We’ve not arrived. We’re not there yet, and our guys understand that. We’re getting better and that’s what excites me. We’ll see where this thing goes.”


Noteworthy: Recorded his first touchdown pass of his career.

On touchdown reception..

“I wasn’t really expecting to receive the ball on that play,” Prosch said. “It kind of caught me off guard. It was really surprising and awesome. It was my first receiving touchdown.”

On younger players getting playing time..

“It was really good to actually see some of those guys get on the field and get some action,” Prosch said. “You never know when someone is going to get hurt, so you need to prepare for something like that.”

On Jeremy Johnson..

“I thought he did great,” Prosch said. “Sometimes it is hard to hear out there, and he was really loud. He was really prepared. He did a very accomplished and awesome job.”


Noteworthy: Scored his first collegiate touchdown on a 46-yard reception from Jeremy Johnson.

On his touchdown reception..

“It was a great feeling to finally score a touchdown,” Louis said. “I work really hard on running routes. Hopefully I can do it again next week and the rest of the season.”

On his performance..

“I thought my performance was good,” Louis said. “I lived up to the standards that Coach Malzahn wanted me to. I glad we made history today with 712 total offensive yards. It’s a big deal.”

On Jeremy Johnson..

“He did really well,” Louis said. “He is living up to the standards. We talked about making plays since Nick Marshall was out today, and he did.”


Noteworthy: Scored his first touchdown as a Tiger on Saturday.

On his touchdown reception..

“Jeremy threw a perfect pass, and I just did the rest,” Stevens said. “We just ran the route just like we do at practice”

On Jeremy Johnson..

“He was taking control like it wasn’t his first time out there,” Stevens said. “He was still motivated to go out there and keep scoring.”

On Texas A&M..

“It’s going to be a good game, but I think we can handle it,” Stevens said.


Noteworthy: Led Auburn with 133 yards rushing

On the team’s performance..

“I feel like we are getting better every week,” Artis-Payne said. “We can do some things better and I think we are learning our assignments better. We are running in form right now and I think we can beat anybody.”

On what he can do better..

“Execution and just little things of that nature, but all-in-all we’re playing pretty good,” Artis-Payne. “I think we are getting better every week.”

On the offensive line and the run game..

“We definitely are improving on that,” Artis-Payne said. “Our offensive line is great. They open up holes in the second level, helping us running backs out.”

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