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What They said: The offense


Darvin Adams catches touchdown pass/Todd Van Emst photo

Noteworthy: Tigers have broken a school record by rushing for more than 300 yards in five consecutive SEC games.

On QB Cam Newton’s limited running yards

“Each week, you see what they are giving you. They weren’t rushing. Cam did a nice job. I thought the receivers did a nice job too. They were squeezing and not rushing. Cam did a good job of distributing the ball.”

On Newton’s TD catch from Kodi Burns

“I thought it was the right matchup. It was a good throw and a good catch.”

On the offense as a whole

“I like what our guys are doing. They come to practice every day and try to get better. We are happy. We feel like we aer getting better.”


Noteworthy: Caught a TD pass from Kodi Burns, threw two TD passes and made a touchdown-saving tackle.

On his TD reception

“Coach challenged me that he was going to call it this game because of what we’d seen on film. That was the perfect time to call it, and it worked;”

On success throwing the ball

“It just goes to show you what we are capable of doing with our receivers. I think we have an excellent passing attack that is capable of striking anytime. A lot of people haven’t really seen that, because we haven’t brought that rabbit out of our hat yet.”

On celebrating with fans

“Those guys travel miles and miles and miles just to see us play. It would be a tragedy for us just to go back to the locker room as if they didn’t have a hand in us winning this game, too. Sometimes, it felt like we were at our home. They were screaming, yelling and cheering for us. Words can’t explain how much that means to a player, to go to an away game and see that much fan support.”


Noteworthy: Caught five passes for 60 yards.

On Auburn’s offensive weapons

“All we really did was run the football, but we were aware we had lots of talent on the perimeter.”

On Newton’s TD catch

“They practice that every week. He’s 6-6. He better come down with the ball.”


Noteworthy: Rushed 121 times for a career-high 180 yards against Ole Miss.

On winning as No. 1 team in BCS

"We worked hard this summer to be where we are. We like where we are. We are staying humble and trying to find ways to keep winning and find ways to do the little things right so we won’t have a letdown."


Noteworthy: Caught six passes for 75 yards and a touchdown.

On getting more chances than usual to make catches

“We are receivers, so we practice catching the ball every day. We take a lot of pride in our blocking, too.”

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